Ashley Motion Leather Furniture

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Families with children or pets should not rule out Ashley Motion Leather furniture as a beautiful alternative for their home. There is a common misnomer that leather is extremely high maintenance and only suitable for singles or married couples without children. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ashley Motion Leather furniture is not only exquisite, but durable as well.
Leather is more resilient than people think. There are many different grains produced in the harvesting process. The tanning procedure used in manufacturing this furniture results in multiple layers called “splits”. These “splits” encompass different quality grains, the most hardy of which is the “top grain”. This is the pitfall that traps individuals. The lower quality grains are less expensive, and therefore more alluring to price conscious consumers, but the old adage “You get what you pay for” lives up to its reputation, when selecting leather. Therefore, ensure you are receiving the higher quality top grain, such as used by Ashley Motion Leather, instead of the underneath portion which is substandard, resulting in poor wear and staining. Surprisingly, the quality of Ashley furniture Motion is resistant to stains and very easy to maintain. In fact, it becomes more stunning with age as it takes on an attractive patina.
It is important to distinguish the difference between a poor grain and natural beauty. Poor grain refers to hardiness as opposed to the look and feel of the product. The elements that mark all leather with individuality, including the Motion line, work in the same way as knots or other distinguishing characteristics that enhance wood. It is the wrinkles, scars, and other flaws that give the surface it’s unique appearance. These markings add charm and do not necessarily reflect poor quality.
Another item to consider is the color of your Ashley Motion Leather. Natural tones include, brown, tan, and black. By bleaching you can achieve lighter colors, as well. Caution should be exercised, when selecting dyed colors, such as red, to ensure that the tint is applied properly in a permanent fashion to prevent fading or staining. Ashley Motion uses aniline, which is a staining method that employs non-toxic dyes. The Motion set combines a two toned effect referred to as sauvage to enhance the piece for a much more refined, expensive look.
Ashley Motion has the resilience and attractiveness of top grain leather, but has devised a method of combining high quality with exquisitely matched vinyl to create furniture that is affordable, lovely and most importantly durable. By incorporating vinyl in areas that do not receive wear, such as the back and sides of a piece, Ashley Motion produces excellent quality furniture at a more reasonable cost.
Now that you are convinced that leather is the way to go for your home, the only thing left to do is select the right style for you. The Ashley Motion furniture offered is available in designs that will augment any home décor. The color palette of the Ashley Motion furniture collection provides neutral colors, such as charcoal, burgundy, and tan that can easily be incorporated into any room. The Ashley Motion Leather set will accent a modern, traditional or eclectic look with the same cozy panache. This grouping offers versatility for everyday living. The sectional offers ample seating to accommodate a large turnout at your next gathering. Comfortable cushions are enhanced with oversized recliners that will lure even the most active individuals to enjoy some time as a coach potato. In addition, the convenient sofa sleeper affords a classy way to host additional guests in your home. This is especially appreciated during the holiday’s when spare bedrooms may be filled to capacity, and you don’t want to turn loved one’s away.
Leather furniture should not be excluded from your list when shopping for a new sofa. In fact, Ashley Motion Leather sets are an excellent solution for those with children or pets. These items offer resilience and beauty that will warm your heart, and your home, not only during the bitter cold winter months but all year long. So when you begin your quest for a new sofa, keep in mind the lasting splendor of Ashley Motion leather and the snug feeling it brings to your home.