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The perfect finishing touch to any kitchen is a breakfast table. Kitchens have always been the focus of any home, and that trend is only increasing. In older homes kitchens are often the largest room in the house. During the 1960’s through the 1980’s many homes were built with very small kitchens, much to the dismay of their new owners. Today, kitchens are again receiving the attention they deserve. In fact, many homeowners are remodeling the same homes of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to enlarge their small kitchen. Part of this trend consists of removing the bars of yesteryear, and replacing them with a more interesting breakfast table.


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As you begin your search for the perfect breakfast table, you may begin to wonder what is there a difference between your dining tables and tables for your kitchen. The answer is yes; there are actually three different categories for tables designed for eating. They are casual dining tables, formal dining tables, and breakfast tables. Obviously, casual and formal dining tables are meant for a dining room. Formal dining tables are always paired with a matching hutch, however casual dining tables are available with a matching hutch and without. In addition, the formal dining table is very sophisticated and decorated to compliment the style of the formal living room, typically seating at least eight guests. Casual dining tables are, of course, casual in design, usually following the décor of the rest of the home and seating four to eight. Breakfast tables, on the other hand, are smaller in size seating two to four family members. Even the contemporary breakfast table will be casual in appearance. Breakfast tables are designed to be used by your family, providing the perfect spot for homework, craft projects and family meals. Not that you have a better understanding of the three, don’t get the wrong ideal, breakfast tables are available in styles that are extraordinarily beautiful.
The design of breakfast tables ranges from rustic to contemporary and traditional to cottage, and everything in between. Remodeling your kitchen is an excellent time to incorporate a new breakfast table into your décor. Kitchen’s have always been the central part of any home. This is certainly why any party or get together always ends up in the kitchen. Adding a breakfast table will give a more polished look to your new kitchen.
Contemporary kitchens are embracing the look of stainless steel. With the hectic lives we lead, people are leaning towards decors that are not only fashionable, but also practical, and stainless steel fits the bill perfectly. It is durable and fairly easy to maintain, and adds a very modern edge to any kitchen. Designers are using stainless steel for cabinets, accessories, and now manufactures are building stainless steel appliances. The beauty of stainless steel is that it works well with a sophisticated or an urban look. The Ashley “Panorama” breakfast table is a prime example with its glass top and nickel finish base and legs and accompanying nickel finish chairs with black cushions. The set can be fun and cutting edge when placed in a stainless steel kitchen accented with bright colors, such as red or orange. But, by purchasing the coordinating Ashley “Panorama” server it becomes a very stylish addition to a polished kitchen.
Another trend creeping back into favor these days is Mission Style. This style was traditionally based on oak dining furniture with strong lines, but after the industrial revolution hand forged metal became a popular trend. Frank Lloyd Wright is famous for his Mission style furniture and architectural designs. The Mission look today has a twist from the original style. The look is a bit freer and not quite as rigid to the strict design elements. However, the basic principals still apply. When designing your Mission styled kitchen keep the look simple and natural. Bring in earth tones for your main paint color with two or three accent colors in lighter and darker shades. Natural elements, such as wood should be incorporated into the look. An excellent breakfast table for this Mission with a twist style is the Ashley “Bryant” set. It provides the primitive feel of the décor with its stone inlaid chairs and welded steel table, with a more modern twist from the traditional square rung backs of true Mission dining furniture. The Mission style is a very relaxed décor, perfectly for the family or the single executive on the go. This will be a kitchen your family will enjoy gathering around your new breakfast table at.
Another popular style is French country. This style encompasses the richness of French cuisine with the simplicity of country living. Don’t be fooled this is not the blue and white country kitchen from the 1980’s. Although, blue walls are not out of the question, this style is elegant, yet strangely relaxed without feeling out of sorts. For an authentic look considering plastering your walls with a neutral color, and then highlighting the border with a fleur-de-lis stencil in an accenting color, such as gold. The floors should be a natural stone or tile. Accessorize with natural elements such as wheat sheaths. Then add toile curtains and the Coaster 7471 breakfast table and bakers rack with a gold finish to complete the look.
Regardless of your style preference, a breakfast table will add the finishing touch to your kitchen. In addition, it is the perfect gathering place for your family to make memories that will last a lifetime. The options are endless, so have fun choosing the perfect table for you kitchen.