Country Dining Tables

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When thinking about a country dining room, you probably picture blue and white checked table clothes, but country styles are much more broad than you might think. Designers have taken the typical country style and given it a twist. A country dining room can now mean many different things.
From cottage country, modern country, French country, eclectic country, rustic, and the old tried and true, the options for this décor are limited only by your imagination. A country dining room provides a true opportunity to express your individuality and create a space that will speak to your heart. Let’s explore a few simple steps to assist you in establishing the country dining room of your dreams.
Cottage Country is a popular design that draws from the beauty of small countryside vacation homes. It represents a light, airy, and cozy feel that is inviting to the senses. To achieve a cottage country dining room, choose a palette of very light colors. In fact, white is becoming a very popular cottage country look. You should incorporate minimal amounts of furniture with simple lines into your room. A prime example of this style of furniture is the Ashley furniture “Cottage Retreat” dining set. It encompasses all of the simplicity of cottage country. To accessorize your room use salvaged items, such as old discarded window frames, which offer the perfect touch for this look. Try hanging one of the frames on the wall or use it as a serving tray. This décor also affords the opportunity to display treasured collections in simple groupings. Avoid dark fabrics or anything that will feel stuffy and hamper the effect of this airy design.
Modern country is a twist on the traditional. Combining a contemporary feel with the charm of an old standard, modern country is an excellent way to avoid the cold feel of some modern rooms. To create the ultimate in modern country dining room furniture, opt for heavy wood furniture with a contemporary edge, such as the Ashley “Surrounds” set. Walls should be painted white, allowing the color of the wood to shine through. Minimal accessories should be used incorporating simple antiques and reproductions. The typical country elements should be sparse and used only to add punch to the room. Integrate neutral colors into the design through slipcovers, rugs and curtains. Thus, creating a sophisticated yet relaxed setting for your guests to dine in.
Another very popular style today is French country. This décor brings to life all of the colors of the French countryside. Neutrally toned plastered walls and an authentic feel to this look, however painting your walls in a light color and stenciling fleur-de-lis will also add the desired affect. Natural stone or tile floors are a pleasing addition and echo the feel of French country homes. To complete your French country dining room combine a dining set like the Homelegance furniture “Sonora” and then add elements of the décor, such as toile curtains and wheat stalks. If you are very daring try accenting your “Sonora” country dining room set with gold paint around the rolls on the legs and top edges of the table and buffet. Then accent the room with gold-rimmed glass vases filled with fresh flowers.
A fun way to merge touches of different country dining room styles that are appealing to you is through Eclectic country décor. Although caution should be taken to ensure the outcome isn’t just a mish mash of designs, this is a creative way to throw the rulebooks out the window. The best way to achieve this style is by combining similar aspects of different styles to create a cohesive look. For instance, combining the airiness of a cottage country dining room with the warmth of a French country design. Any dining room table can be integrated into this décor with the right touch.
The tried and true country dining room is a great way to showcase those treasured knickknacks. Start by painting or papering your walls with a light neutral color to allow your esteemed belongings to shine. Then choose a set with a buffet to display some of your collectibles. An exceptional choice is the Coaster furniture “4853” country dining room set with its open buffet and hutch. The cushions will add a nice touch and some color to your look. Then group your pieces for display establishing one grouping for the focal point. The end result will be an attractive room filled with endless conversations about your many prized possessions.
The rustic style is a great way to blend the old with the new. This country dining room boasts wood floors and wood furniture. The furniture should be very simple, such as the Ashley “Prairie View” set. For those with a sense of adventure, try a faux finish on your walls to create an aged look. Many home supply and paint stores offer advice and even lessons to assist you in establishing the look you want to achieve. Then the fun begins as you select the accessories for your new rustic country dining room. Old butter churns, washboards or even an old mining tray and just the right touch to this area. Many people with children or pets appreciate this design, because distressed items, which show less wear and tear, are ideal for this look.
Now that you know some of the basic steps to creating your own country dining room, start planning your new look. Just keep in mind, these are only guidelines; you should embellish them with your own personality. Your country dining room should reflect your individuality and the things that bring you joy.