Dallas Furniture Store




The new Dallas slogan "Live Large. Think Big" fits this city to a tee, and with more shopping per capita than anywhere else in the world, and a world famous wholesale district, it is no wonder that a great selection of Dallas Furniture can be found within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Dallas has always been known for its lavish shopping. Since the days of J.R., Dallas has been synonymous with the high-life. Today, the scene is not much different, but the selection of Dallas Furniture has improved tremendously.


The City of Dallas is part of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, second only to Los Angeles and New York. Like its larger cousins, Dallas has an air of sophistication that is expressed in the furniture available. In fact, some of today's top designers have graduated from design schools located in Dallas, Texas. Dallas also has a strong affinity to the arts, which is evident in the world famous art museums are located in Dallas. Currently a new museum is under construction, which will ensure Dallas as a city of the arts. The influence of art and design is apparent throughout the stores and galleries, which are filled with Dallas Furniture.


Although the furniture in the area is available in many styles that are similar to the rest of the country, Dallas Furniture has taken on a life of its own. Many small galleries now specialize in creating furniture that is unique to this area. There are numerous furniture stores in the region catering to a wide range of tastes and pocket books. The multi-cultural nature of the city provides a wealth of opportunities for Dallas Furniture to flourish and obtain a true individuality not possible in other regions.


Dallas is rich in culture, however, the city still appreciates its rugged western past, and Dallas Furniture is no different. Several shops have created very popular pieces that pay homage to the look of yesteryear. Distinguished by their use of Mesquite wood, which is native to the area, they create a rustic, yet charming effect of twisting and curved limbs to form works of art for your home. Oversized logs are used to form impressive furniture that speaks to the cowboy in every native Dallasite. Other styles incorporate the famous look of the longhorn steer. Dallas Furniture of this type melds the beauty of leather and the awesome strength of the horns to enhance the design elements and reflect the heritage of its people. The horns are fashioned to create decorative legs, arms and backs to otherwise basic furniture establishing a look that speaks to the heart of the cities past.


There is more to Dallas Furniture than longhorns. In fact, several exclusive galleries offer custom made furniture in contemporary styles that resemble art more than something you would kick your feet up on. This furniture is sleek, with a minimalist take on traditional pieces. Chairs, loveseats, and tables are custom made from iron painstakingly forged to create incredibly detailed furniture. Art deco tables are given a new twist with whimsical colors and contrasting shapes to produce a truly unique item. A typical console becomes a black sculpture with twists and turns in the hands of Dallas artisans, presenting Dallas Furniture in an entirely new and original light.


Don’t be fooled into thinking Dallas Furniture is only in the price range of the Ewing family. The city abounds with furniture stores known all over the country. In addition, there are several discount stores that offer Dallas Furniture, including Coleman Furniture, at prices that anyone can afford. The large selections that are currently available assure you of finding the perfect item to turn your house into a home. Families trying to furnish there home on a budget will be pleasantly surprised to discover a myriad of styles to choose from. Stemming from traditional furniture with a reproduction feel that will create a warm antique look to your room, incorporating scrolled arms on dark wood sofas with rich fabrics to dainty coffee tables. Conversely, inexpensive contemporary selections are available that will spruce up any downtown loft, and have your friends green with envy. Sleek black chairs with simple lines and stainless steel legs create quite a serious impact in your room without deflating your wallet. The availability of Dallas Furniture retailers, such as Coleman Furniture, offering reasonable prices makes it easier on the first time apartment dweller or homeowner to decorate their new abode with style.


More and more families are making Dallas their home, and retailers are catering to their unique needs. Newlyweds and those with children will appreciate the selection of reasonably priced quality Dallas Furniture. Families have different requirements from those just starting out in life. They want furniture that will last through the years of sticky fingers and rough housing. In addition, comfortable furniture becomes just as critical as the style. Dallas Furniture is well representative of these concerns offering sofas, loveseats, dining room sets, and bedroom furniture, which stand up to the stringent tests of these consumers. Fortunately, your design won’t suffer; Dallas Furniture retailers like Coleman Furniture provide fabulous items that reflect the personality of the individuals who embellish their homes with it.


Determine the style you want to accomplish, whether it is contemporary, traditional, or eclectic. Then decide on the appropriate budget for your design. Once your plan of action is in place begin your redecorating process by completing any messy projects, such as painting prior to purchasing any new items. Then head to your local Dallas Furniture retailer, such as Coleman Furniture, and select the pieces that will create your ultimate décor.