Dining Tables

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One furniture piece that everyone in every household finds themselves gathering around time and time again is your dining table. This interregnal piece of furniture has been around in one form or fashion since approximately the era of the caveman and usually comprised of wood, stone, metal or glass that is sustained by legs, pillars or pedestals. Our dining tables are definitely a focal point in our homes décor and should receive the attention it deserves, as it serves us well acting not only as a gathering place for meals and lively discussions but often as an activity center as well.
This furniture piece has been utilized in many different manners. One of the glories of living in our times is the free aspect regarding decorating. Today, you are able to incorporate your family’s personality into your home unlike days past. Therefore, you are encouraged to use items that are intended for one purpose for something entirely different, such as using a dining table in your home office, taking a twist on the big desks of past which don’t often accommodate the computer equipment that is need today for an effective home office. Employing this application for this piece of furniture will allow you to have the work space you need as well as being attractive. Another benefit of using this piece in this manner will enable you to not have to hunch over a  computer desk that is not at a comfortable height as well as allowing you to have the extra leg room some need; to tie in this home office solution incorporate a big comfortable leather office chair. Be sure to attach the cords of your computer equipment onto the legs, so that it will not be seen to give it the clean look that many want for their home office. Utilizing this furniture piece will enable you to carry out any design scheme that you have in mind to its fullest capabilities.
Some say that dining tables origins begin with the King of Solomon, son of David. According to some sources this was a highly ornate work of art and not just a dining table as we think of them today. This piece of furniture was comprised entirely of green aquamarine including the some 360 legs and embellished with pearls, coral and rubies. Although some will argue that it was constructed out of emerald and not only contained the semiprecious stones but also attached gold and silver hoops. This piece of furniture created some contention between the Arabic’s and Spain. Tariq received this treasure along with much more by the Visigoth nephew, Roderic for the safe return of himself along with his family. It is thought that Tariq intentionally broke off one of the legs and his master, Musa, had it replaced with a gold leg, although some say it was iron. It is said that it was later broken apart to decorate a Mecca Mosque but it is also said this dining table was later used in Rome although there are no further details regarding how it was transported there. Today, we obviously don’t employ the use of such precious materials in this type of furniture or any other, but we are presented with a plethora of options that are just as striking as the King of Solomon’s dining table.
Today, wood or a combination of glass and iron is used to construct the tables. Mahogany, Teak, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Pine are the primary types of wood that are used; available with a multitude of styles spanning from the country farm house look to a sleek modern style, fitting perfectly into any design scheme that you have or will incorporate into your home. Some options can be expanding by employing drop-leafs. Drop-leafs are an British design which first developed in the later part of the 18th century, which enables a dining table to be expanded to at times twice the size. This is a wonderful solution for those whom are limited on space but at times need to have the extra room for a rousing dinner party and when not in use can be tucked away behind a sofa. When you are making your purchase be sure to take into account the dimensions of your space and what functions you will be performing to have enough room for your dining room furniture.