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Tulsa, located in the northeast quadrant of the state of Oklahoma, is considered to be the heart of green country. With lush rolling hills and speckled wooded terrain, compliments of the Ozark foothills, this beautiful city is both scenic and entertaining. Tulsa, Oklahoma resides 700 feet above sea level and has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. This attractive city has around 227 days of sunshine a year and has comfortable average temperature of 61 degrees. Tourists frequent this city in large droves, because of its exciting nightlife, colorful history, and mix of rich culture. This Oklahoma city is also a great place to shop the furniture stores, and many other home décor collectibles. With an abundance of flea markets, off beat boutiques, stores, and mega malls people usually have no problem, when it comes to finding exactly what they need for their home. Business owners fair pretty well here also. They offer a diverse array of home furniture accessories to the locals and tourists alike.


Because of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s cosmopolitan flair, the city is constantly on the beat. Many stores have an upscale urban selection, especially with furniture products, but also veer out of this category to please people with different preferences. Don’t be surprised, if you walk into one of the local stores and also find furniture items with a traditional or western feel. These items are representative of the rich history and natural products this region has to offer. You can thank this rugged western look to the numerous rodeo shows Tulsa has, along with the occasional cowboy you may run into here and there. This Oklahoma city is also known for its Art Deco work and classic ballet performances. Many stores feed off these artistic attractions and offer Oklahoma furniture products that may seem quaint to some, but ideal for any artist.


Tulsa, Oklahoma is a melting pot of people. Individuals from different races and cultures flock to this beautiful city to live, work, and play. This intertwining of culture has Tulsa stores offering many unique items to the masses. It is also because of the cultural blend that many stores usually do very well within this region of the country. The furniture industry booms here, and many homes are filled with a diverse selection of elegant styles adhering to Tulsa, Oklahoma’s cultural mix. There is no shortage of tourists either, so stores never have to worry about whether or not business will slow down. Things like the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, which displays new aircraft, along with the Electric Sky Theater scheduled to open in March 2006, will ensure that people from all over the country will continue to pour into this exquisite city. Tourists will also have a new feature to look forward to in March 2006. A planetarium is scheduled to open inside the Electric Sky Theater and offer video shows about black holes in space, along with film footage of mars, as well as the continued search for life in outer space. Because of this, many stores may change up their product line a bit and head toward a more futuristic look. Furniture stores, however, will probably remain the same, since Tulsa, Oklahoma prides itself in western tradition and current store products sell extremely well among the tourists. This lovely city is also home to the Performing Arts Center, which houses five theaters and a large reception hall. Almost a quarter of a million visitors attend this center each year to get a closer look at national and international talent. You can also view a variety of breath taking art pieces inside this building.


Maybe you are thinking about setting up a store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As we already discussed, Tulsa is not only a great place to live, but has a large tourist population. Tulsa’s Film and Music office gives companies assistance in searching for the ideal locations for shooting scenes, along with hotel accommodations, talent and much more. This initiative draws individuals from both the film industry, as well as curious tourists to the area each year. Any business, whether it is furniture or other retail items, will flourish within this area. New stores wanting to expand or relocate here can visit the Mayor’s Economic Department Team for lucrative information and headways on how to get started. Stores will be very pleased with what they will find, when they arrive in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Oklahoma is a state filled with many pleasant surprises for the unsuspecting visitor. The booming city of Tulsa is a great example of how Oklahoma’s cultural mix is brought to life through great food, entertainment, and lush scenery. This Oklahoma city is expanding its boundaries to fit the needs of both tourists and residents alike. With a plethora of divine shopping malls, there is never a shortage of unique stores to browse around in. From antique collectibles to western style furniture, every store in Tulsa offers the consumer something just a little bit different. This Oklahoma city rivals other large urban areas that have a huge tourist population, along with an infinite amount of stores. Tulsa, Oklahoma will continue to keep up with its neighboring competition, and invites you to step into its splendid universe.