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Wichita is the largest city in the state of Kansas. Better known as the Air Capital of the World, this bustling city is the principal manufacturer of general aviation and commercial aircraft. Wichita is also home to the McConnell Air Force base, which was established in 1951. This base still plays an important role today. In the early days, the expansion of the Santa Fe Railway through this area helped with the economic development of this city. Wichita, Kansas has approximately 580,000 metropolitan residents all of whom have come together from different parts of the country to create a large melting pot of cultural diversity. It is one of the most affordable cities to live in throughout the Midwest region, and has plenty of stores, which carry furniture and other home décor products. Over 3.2 million visitors a year frequent Wichita, Kansas, so the furniture industry is a booming one in this region of the country. We will take a closer look at how a store fairs within this area, and how environmental factors affect overall business.


A store in Wichita, Kansas can expect a high level of business on a regular basis thanks in part to the numerous tourists, who visit the city every year. People love to shop, especially in a store that offers a diverse array of accessories to beautify one’s home. And why not shop for furniture or other decorative products within this city? Wichita, Kansas is historically home to famous people like William “Buffalo Bill” Cody and Joe Walsh, member of the rock group “The Eagles”. Rest assured that these particular individuals probably took a stroll through the beautiful shopping stores of their time at one point or another. Wichita, Kansas is also home to the succulent fast food giant, White Castle. Not too many of these hamburger places are still around today, so if you are ever passing through Wichita, be sure to sink your teeth into one of these delicious treats. Moreover, this city will be the future home of Wild West World, which is scheduled to open in 2007. With plenty of stores, dining, and entertainment, this Kansas metropolitan area will keep you on the move.


In addition to the vast array of entertainment features, Wichita, Kansas also houses a large trade area, which holds a population of about 1.2 million within a radius of 100 miles. This also enables stable growth for the furniture industry and many other stores. In fact, Wichita, Kansas ranked 35th in America’s Top 100 Places to Live, according to 2004 statistics. A high city rank has led to the influx of many people, who have come to live in this wonderful area. The economy will continue to grow here as a result, and many stores can expect sales to only augment with time. Because this city has a diverse cultural population, many furniture outlets have curtailed their services to fit the needs of the individual customer. Most stores offer a variety of products that encompass an urban style or a western flair. Any tourist will find exactly what their home has been wanting, when they step into one of these unique furniture stores.


Whether your home needs contemporary or a traditional midwestern feel, Wichita is the place to shop the furniture stores. Many business owners fair extremely well within this region thanks in part to the growing economy and the large tourist population. Most owners’ sleep well at night knowing that there will never be a shortage of visitors. Things like the new Water Walk Canal and the novel Amphitheater, which will be completed in the next couple of years, ensures that people from all across the United States will keep coming to Wichita, Kansas. This city also has a large center for the arts, which reinforces the attention this Kansas Metropolis tries to focus on its diverse population. Art and furniture are a good combination for storeowners, and this only increases business for all who decide to open up shop.


Wichita is also home to a large business population, which occupies a good chunk of the workforce. Home to commercial aviation needs and Koch Industries, many business clients visit this Kansas region on a daily basis. A store benefits from these visits, when a particular client can break away from their schedule and spend a little time window-shopping, or must set up a temporary residence in the area. Even if the overnight visitor does not purchase anything, they are sure to go home and tell everyone to visit a particular store the next time they are in the area. This free word of mouth advertising is what most stores thrive on, especially the ones in Wichita, Kansas, which offer a unique line of beautiful home décor products for every room.


So the next time you are in Wichita, Kansas be sure to stop by at one of the local stores to survey all of the fine products that this bustling city has to offer. With an array of dining, entertainment, and unique stores this diverse city will definitely grab your attention. When people think of Kansas, they typically associate it with Dorothy, Toto, and all the characters from the Wizard of Oz. This movie will always make Kansas stand out, but there is a lot more to this state than meets the eye. The city of Wichita is a good example of the modern day image the region is striving to achieve. Active tourism, exciting enterainment, and yes, even antique furniture stores that offer the very best to each individual will accomplish this

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