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Accessories make a tremendous style statement. Imagine a wall painting perfectly blending with your living room story or an exquisite clock that compels you to check time again and again. Accessories have their own way of enticing our imagination and stimulating the cognitive process. At Coleman Furniture our modish accessories will surely hook your imagination and make a perfect addition to your home or office décor.

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Crumpled Gold Medium Pedestal


Cyber Monday Sale$799.00

Emele Taupe Candle Holder Set of 3


Cyber Monday Sale$74.00

Hannela Antique Tan Large Vase


Cyber Monday Sale$107.00

Hannela Antique Tan Small Vase


Cyber Monday Sale$84.00

Jolina Gray Box Set of 3


Cyber Monday Sale$74.00

Dimtrois Black Lantern Set of 2


Cyber Monday Sale$98.00

Jenna Black Concrete Table Vase


Cyber Monday Sale$39.00

Gold Leaf Wall Art Set Of 3


Cyber Monday Sale$65.00

Nicoline Mirrored Tray



Deco Black And White Table Art



Drice Silver Sculpture


Cyber Monday Sale$167.00

PH103464 Colossal Gray F Cast Women Sculpture


Cyber Monday Sale$1799.00

Crumpled Gold Small Pedestal


Cyber Monday Sale$519.00

Crumpled Gold Large Pedestal


Cyber Monday Sale$895.00

Carston Distressed Multi Candle Holder Set of 5


Cyber Monday Sale$98.00

Chanlow Gray Medium Sculpture Set of 3


Cyber Monday Sale$107.00

YU-1024-15 Rhinebeck Grey Vase



PH103572 Silver Leaf Small Cast Onyx Bowl


Cyber Monday Sale$335.00

TH102246 Browns And Black Atlas Rail Tie Tabletop


Cyber Monday Sale$1799.00

30847 Ivory Decorative Ledger Set Of 3


Cyber Monday Sale$130.00

Ameera Brown Twig Candle Holder



Marcin Clear Vase Set of 2


Cyber Monday Sale$94.00

Layan Art Glass Charger Plate