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While your bedroom may be used mostly for sleeping, a little creativity can make it a comfortable place to sit and read, watch TV, or simply enjoy the day. These bedroom seating ideas will have you eager to spend more time in your private oasis.

Bedroom Benches

Small benches are common in the bedroom, and they can make an ideal spot to sit to put on (or take off) shoes, rest with a cup of tea, or sit in front of a vanity mirror. Bedroom benches often have small arms on the shorter ends, bed benchalthough armless benches are also common; a few even include backs. While they can make a good place to sit for a few minutes, most benches aren’t designed for relaxing for a long time. On the plus side, many benches include storage underneath, letting them pull double-duty for storing extra bedding.

Vanity Chairs

While a bench can be a quick solution for getting ready in the morning, vanity chairs are designed to sit in front of a vanity table. Rather than trying to do your makeup in the bathroom, a vanity is the perfect place to sit and prepare for the day. Most vanity chairs are small and often backless, making it easy to sit for a few minutes in the morning before getting up to go about your day.

Rocking Chairs and Gliders

Rocking chairs and gliders are popular bedroom seating furniture for parents with young children, but they can be welcome in any home. You might want to consider an upholstered rocker over a wooden one for the bedroom, although both can be comfortable. Gliders are chairs similar to rockers, but instead of rocking up and down, they slide forward and back. Many people prefer the gentle movement of a glider, as well as its additional cushioning.

Chairs and Chaise Lounges

While not specifically made for the bedroom, why not add a comfortable club chair or wing chair to your bedroom? These chairs make great bedroom seating ideas because they add a touch of sophistication to the room and give you a great place to sit. Relax in your chair with a good book or create an area for conversation.

A chaise lounge, or “long chair,” is the epitome of relaxation. These chairs have an extended seat that demands for you to put your feet up. Like club chairs and wing chairs, chaise lounges are more often found in the living room, but their focus on comfort makes them ideal as bedroom seating furniture, too.

Loveseats and Sofas

If you have the space in your bedroom, why not add a loveseat or even a sofa? These pieces will give you a little extra space to spread out and relax or to cuddle up with your loved one. Unless your bedroom is very large, it’s best to go with a loveseat or a sofa that’s on the smaller side or it could make the room feel crowded. A small loveseat can fit perfectly placed at the end of the bed.

Daybeds and Futons

If your bedroom is pulling double-duty as an office or you live in a studio apartment, a daybed or futon might be the ideal solution for both bedroom seating and sleeping. A daybed is about the same size as a twin bed, but it treats the headboard and footboard as the arms of a couch. Some pieces have an additional back on one side to further emphasize the role of this bed as a place to sit. Futons are also great bedroom seating ideas, with the back of the piece folding down to make a flat bed surface.

Think Outside the Bedroom

When you’re considering bedroom seating ideas, don’t be afraid to consider furniture from other rooms. Even an upholstered dining chair could make a comfy spot to sit. The most important thing is to find a chair or bench that fits in bedroom chairyour room and that you enjoy sitting on.