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Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

Microfiber or microsuede fabric is very popular as an upholstery fabric, and it has a way of accenting depth and contrast that other choices just can’t. That’s just one of the reasons so many people choose this fabric over others for sofas, loveseats, and chairs, though. The fact that this material is very soft, often hypoallergenic, and stain-resistant also makes it a great choice for upholstery. Ensuring that furniture upholstered with microfiber stays as beautiful as it microfiber sofawas on the showroom floor, however, can be tough. These tips on how to clean microfiber furniture can help.

Vacuum Your Microfiber Furniture Regularly

The more you can keep daily debris and dust out of the fibers of your furniture, the less likely you are to have to give it a deep cleaning later. If you remove dirt, food crumbs, and other messes from couch or chair regularly, it will help prevent them from getting ground in and staining. Lift up the cushions too and clean underneath. In most cases, caring for microfiber furniture means giving a good vacuuming at least once a week.

Deal with Spills Right Away

Microfiber and micro-suede are naturally stain resistant, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get stained. The fibers are so closely knitted that small spills bead up right away, so you have a chance to soak them up with towels before they penetrate the fabric. Cleaning microfiber furniture after may require a bit more work. Either way, though, be sure you get as much of the moisture soaked up as you can, then wait until it’s dry to sit on it.

Look for the Cleaning Code

Understanding the manufacturer’s code with tell you how to clean microfiber furniture correctly. The tag on your furniture should have one of the following codes:

  • W = Can be cleaned with water
  • S = Should be cleaned with a solvent-based cleaner
  • S-W = Can be cleaned with solvent or water
  • X = Do not use water or a solvent-based cleaner

Always test any new cleaning method on a small, inconspicuous area of the furniture to make sure that it will not damage the fabric.

If your microfiber furniture is marked with a W or an S-W, then you can start trying to clean a stain with a simple dishwashing detergent and water mixture. Use a white cloth or a color-free sponge to avoid accidentally transferring any microfiber chairdyes. Try to get more suds and less water on the cloth, then gently rub the stained area in a circular motion. Blot any suds away with a cloth and the brush the fabric lightly with a nylon scrub brush.

If the furniture can be cleaned with a solvent-based cleaner, try rubbing alcohol. Put the alcohol into a spray bottle and spray the stained area, then rub it gently with a white cloth, or put some alcohol onto a white cloth and blot the stain. Allow the area to dry naturally and then brush.

If you aren’t sure how to clean microfiber furniture because it’s marked X or you have a really tough stain, try contacting the manufacturer to see if they can recommend a product that will work. Otherwise, you’ll need to hire a cleaning professional who specializes in cleaning microfiber furniture.

Deep Clean Annually

If you care for your microfiber sofa or chair well, it will stay pretty clean, but it’s still a good idea to deep clean it once a year. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, if they are available, and look on the tag to see what code is listed. For furniture that can be cleaned with solvent, try spraying the entire piece with rubbing alcohol, and then lightly scrubbing any badly soiled areas before brushing the surface once it has dried. For a W code, use a white cloth and soapy water. Remember to wring out the cloth thoroughly, and don’t let the water soak in.

Microfiber is a great product choice for chairs, couches, and even ottomans, but you will need to do a bit of routine maintenance to help extend the life of your furniture. Caring for microfiber furniture isn’t difficult as long as you clean it regularly.