Coleman Furniture Design Scholarship

Students enrolled in an interior design, furniture design, or business program at an accredited school may have the opportunity to receive a $1,000 scholarship.

About The  Scholarship

As one of the largest online furniture retailers, Coleman Furniture is proud to offer the Coleman Furniture Design Scholarship in an effort to aid bright-minded design and business students on their educational journey. 


Eligibility Requirements:

- Current or future interior design, furniture design, or business majors are eligible to apply.

- Any student currently enrolled at an accredited university or college in the U.S. in one of these programs.

- Any high school senior with an intention to pursue a degree in one of these programs.

Essay Topic:


Write a short essay (around 1500 words in length) explaining what do you see as the future of furniture? How will the designs and styles change? What will stay timeless and what will be trending? 

Application Process

Coleman Furniture will provide a $1,000 scholarship once per year to a qualified student. Payment will be made out to the recipient’s university or college to help support educational expenses for the academic year. If you would like to be considered, please send the following information via email to michael@colemanfurniture.com and attach a copy of your essay in either a PDF or Word format.

- First Name

- Last Name

- Phone Number

- Email address

- College Name

- Major

- Year in school

- A ttached essay in PDF or Word format

* All items are required in order to be considered.

About Coleman Furniture

Established in 1999, Coleman Furniture was the pioneer for online furniture sales. Today, we have grown into one of the largest online furniture retailers, earning an Inc. 500 award in 2013.


Additional Information:


A committee of Coleman Furniture employees will review each application and select one recipient. All communications and submissions become the property of Coleman Furniture, which may publish on its site and other marketing materials the name and image of the recipient, as well as the name of his or her educational institution and the winning essay in full or in part.

Beyond that, we will protect your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By applying, you give Coleman Furniture the right to contact your educational institution to confirm enrollment, registration, or acceptance if you are chosen as the recipient. You also agree to receive communications from Coleman Furniture regarding your application and the selection process.


No purchase is necessary to participate, and the process is not open to those who live in an area where it may be prohibited. Only one application per student. Current or former employees of Coleman Furniture or their relatives are not eligible to apply. Any applicable taxes are solely the responsibility of the recipient. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered until the following semester.