Dining with the Right Fit


When in the market for a new dining table it's important to make sure that your table can support the amount of people you'd like to fit the space. How do you determine how many people can fit around the table? It varies according to the shape of the table and we've created a guide for you to steer you in the right direction:

Round Tables: Simple math can help you out with this one. Measure the diameter of the table and simply divide by 8. Generally 50" tables fit 6 comfortably.

Rectangular Tables: An easy ratio helps with this one. 6 ft. tables fit 6, 8 ft. tables fit 8, 10 ft. tables fit 10, etc. Figure a foot per person and you're all good.rectangle table

Oval Tables: While these work similar to the rectangular table rule, oval tables are great for squeezing in just a few more friends. Rounded ends make it easier to squeeze in an extra chair at each corner if need be. It's important to keep in mind that the width of your dining chairs should be taken into account.

These guidelines work for standard sized dining chairs and your chairs may be slightly narrower or wider so be sure to keep that in mind.