Getting a Great Look Without A Lot of Cash

Want to make your house look great, but you don’t have a lot of money on hand? It’s okay. You can get a fantastic looking home without the money to redecorate. These tips can help.

  • Think About Each Room: Where you put your wood furniture will actually affect how you care for it. Wood naturally contains a lot of moisture, and preserving that is essential. As a result, if you put it near a heating vent, a fireplace, or even a very sunny window, you may find that you have real problems with it down the road. If you have to put it near a window, be sure to use a sunguard to help protect the piece.
  • Think Focal Point: You’d be surprised at how easy it is to damage wood furniture with a hot pan or a sweating glass of water. Be sure that you always use a trivet or a coaster wherever it’s possible. You may also want to consider padded table covers to help protect any spot you might dine.
  • Let Your Furniture Multitask: You’re going to need to do some cleaning to keep your wood furniture looking great, but the type of products you use are important. You should always use a sponge with oil soap and water to dust. You may even want to use a simple lamb wool duster to help. Dusting dry can actually scratch the wood. You may also need to choose a polish or wax to help further protect your furniture for damage, but don’t switch between the too, as it can create a gummy surface.
  • LThink Traffic: People have to be able to move through your home on a regular basis, so rearrange your furniture to make sure they can get from point A to point B easily. You may even want to make a sketch before you start rearranging to see where things might look best in each room.

While you may not have the budget to redecorate, simply rethinking the furniture you currently have and doing some rearranging is the perfect way to get the look you want without the excess cost.