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Whether you find yourself regularly entertaining visitors or enjoying only the occasional friend from out of town, having a comfortable, welcoming guest room can be key to a great visit. You want your guest to have everything they need right at their fingertips and enjoy a great night’s sleep. These guest bedroom ideas include location, furniture, design, and extras so that your visitors will be eager to come back.

Choosing a Guest Room

Depending on your home, you may or may not have an available bedroom to act as a guest room. If you’re short on space, consider these alternate guest bedroom ideas:

The Attic

If you have a finished attic, it could be the perfect location for a guest room. Attics are set apart from the rest of your home, giving your visitor the privacy he or she needs. If there is limited natural lighting in your attic, go with white or pale colored walls, sheer curtains, and a light colored bedspread to help make the guest room design feel open and bright.

The Library

If you have a library in your home, it can make for a special guest room. Your visitor will be surrounded by reading material whenever he or she is ready to relax. Make sure that you include a few small tables in the room for your guest to set a book and cup of tea.

The Office or Study

As with the library, an office or study can easily double as a guest room. An office guest room is especially good if you don’t have visitors very often and need the space for work or to stay organized. Make sure that you keep your officepaperwork out of the way when a guest comes to visit, however, and try not to intrude on their space unless absolutely necessary.

Guest Bed Ideas

Once you’ve chosen the room that will be your guest bedroom, you need to know how to furnish it. Start off with the bed, the most important piece. If you’re using a regular bedroom as your guest room, you’ll have lots of options, depending on the size of the room and the number of guests that you typically host. Some of the best guest bed ideas come from challenging situations, so even if you have the space, consider the possible options for your guests.

Full Size Guest Beds

For a traditional guest room, consider relaxing and comfortable guest bedroom ideas. You’ll probably want to choose the biggest bed that’s practical for the space, whether that be a full bed for a smaller room or a California king if you have space to spare. The queen bed is one of the most popular sizes and is a great choice if you aren’t sure what size you need.

Twin Beds or Bunk Beds

If you find yourself hosting multiple guests at a time, especially if those guests are kids, then why not add two twin beds or a set of bunk beds in your guest room? While twin beds are only large enough for one person, that’s perfect if you have single visitors and need to share the room. Bunk beds are a good choice for kids or younger adults who don’t mind climbing up to bed. These guest beds can be every bit as comfortable as a larger bed, especially with a quality mattress, lots of pillows, and a soft blanket.

Daybeds and Trundle Beds

Ideal for a library or office guest room, a daybed can be used for sitting and relaxing when you don’t have visitors. They often include arms and a back like a sofa, but are as wide as a twin bed. Add some bedding and pillows, and you’ve got a comfortable place to sleep. Many daybeds also include trundle beds, which are mattresses on a frame that pulls out from under the bed. This doubles your sleeping space.

Sleeper Sofas and Futons

One of the classic guest bedroom ideas is to put a sleeper sofa or a futon in your living room or den. This is still a great idea if you’re tight on space, although you’ll want to make sure that the bed provides a comfortable night’s sleep. futonThinking beyond the living room, a sleeper sofa can be a perfect solution for an office guest room or even to act as an extra place to sleep in a guest room that already includes a bed. If the extra bed isn’t needed, it’s still a great place to sit and relax.

Murphy Beds

One of the best guest room ideas for when you are really tight on space is to install a murphy bed. This clever furniture actually lifts up and hides away inside a cabinet attached to the wall, so the bed is completely hidden out of sight when it’s not needed. Murphy beds can be a perfect solution for office guest rooms, studies, and other small homes where you simply don’t have the space for a bed to always be set up.

Additional Guest Room Furniture

In addition to the bed, you’ll also need to include a dresser or chest for your guest to place his or her clothing. Always make sure that the drawers are clean and empty before your guest arrives. If there is a closet in your guest room, make sure there are hangers available and space for them to hang.

Not all guest bedroom ideas work in every room, but if you have the space, consider adding a small writing desk, a comfortable chair, or a bench to your guest room. A desk, set up with blank paper, pens, and a power strip for plugging in cell phones or a laptop can be the perfect spot for your guest to catch up on his email at the end of the day. A comfy chair or bench makes a great spot to relax with a book in the evening.

Other fun guest room ideas include adding a blanket rack or chest to hold the extra bedding, and a trunk to store bedding and provide a place for your guest’s suitcase. Luggage racks are also available for this purpose.

Guest Room Design

One of the best things about your guest room is that it’s the perfect place to experiment with new design ideas. While you want to make sure that the room is comfortable, private, and includes everything that your guest needs, try new colors and styles as part of your guest room design that you aren’t quite comfortable trying out in the rest of your home. If the décor doesn’t end up meeting your expectations, you can rest easy knowing that your visitor will only have to live with it for a short time.

No matter what you include as part of your guest room design, there are a number of pieces that you shouldn’t forget. Every guest room needs good lighting, preferably with a table lamp or wall sconces near the bed and any seating areas. These smaller lamps will give your guest plenty of light to see by, and they won’t have to stumble across a dark room after turning off an overhead light. Also make sure that you include an alarm clock that’s easy to see and accessible from the bed.

Next, consider extra blankets and pillows. Even the best guest bedroom ideas won’t mean much if your visitor isn’t comfortable. Different people like to sleep with different pillow densities, so make sure that you have several options available. To prevent guests from getting too hot or too cold during the night, make the bed with simple cotton sheets and a single cotton bedspread, but keep heavier blankets easily available for added warmth.

Blackout curtains are a great idea for the guest room as well. Some people have difficulty sleeping in a new place, and an early sunrise or unexpected lights at night could make for a restless night. You’ll want to make sure that the curtains can be opened easily to take advantage of any natural light should your guest so choose.

Guest Bedroom Ideas for the Perfect Stay

Once you’ve picked your guest room and furnished it with a comfortable bed, consider the little details that make a stay special. Keep an extra toothbrush and toothpaste on hand in case your guest forgets. If the guest with have his or her own bathroom, make sure that there is shampoo, conditioner, and soap available. It’s often best to select unscented, hypoallergenic brands. Make sure that fresh, clean towels and a bathrobe are set out. A small bouquet of fresh flowers or a potted plant can make the room welcoming, but avoid large bunches of flowers that could set off a guest’s allergies. Leave a bottle of water or two in the room and a few pieces of fruit so your guest won’t need to venture out for a nighttime snack.