Making the Most of a Small Bedroom


Although we don’t always have as much space as we might like in our homes, there are many ways to make the best use out of what is available. Don’t let a small bedroom put you off the idea of making that room a place of calm and relaxation in your life. With a little planning and foresight, these small bedroom ideas can help you create a room that has everything you need and that you enjoy spending time in.

Choose Multifunctional Small Bedroom Furniture

storage bedA rose may be a rose, but a bed doesn’t just have to be a bed. If you choose a platform storage bed, it can be a bed and a dresser all in one. Add a bookcase headboard, and you have a nightstand too. The more a single piece of small bedroom furniture can do to meet your needs, the better your overall space is going to look.

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, start thinking “up” instead of “out” when planning bedroom ideas for small rooms. A loft bed is great way to open up some space. With this type of bed, the mattress is elevated off the floor, leaving space underneath for a dresser, desk, or other furniture that you might need in your small bedroom.

To really save space in a small bedroom, you might consider getting a murphy bed. These beds are amazing space savers, lifting up and folding into the back unit to free up a huge amount of floor. Many murphy bed wall units include shelves and drawers, providing more built-in storage space.

Go with Light Colors

If you add a lot of dark color to a tiny room, it’s going to feel even smaller. Instead, go with lighter colors like eggshells and pale yellows on the walls and floor. Be sure to stay with the same color for the trim, though, or you may create an unappealing contrast. Follow the same idea with your bedding and furniture.

Small bedrooms can be overpowered by dark furniture, making them feel crowded. Rather than heavy, black wood furniture, consider a white wooden bed or a sleek metal frame. Go light with the curtains and bedding as well, bringing in pale colors that make the room feel lighter. For personality, add a pop of color with accent pillows or a curtain sash.

Let the Bed Be the Focal Point

The bed is typically going to be the largest item in the room, which means that it will naturally become the centerpiece. Unless there’s a good reason not to, make sure you center it on the back wall of the room to create natural bed focal pointflow. You’ll want to orient your small bedroom furniture around the bed, creating a relaxed, useful space.

Consider Balance

You can make a room feel very heavy on one side or the other just by where you place the furniture. Be sure to balance things out in your small bedroom by putting the dresser or any other large furniture that you have in the room opposite the bed and placing the other pieces appropriately. If you add a bookcase headboard on your bed or use a loft bed with furniture underneath it, think about what other bedroom furniture you have and how it can be placed in relation. While you don’t need perfect symmetry in your small bedroom, balancing out the furniture will help the room flow more naturally.

Even the smallest bedroom can feel larger with a bit of added planning. Get some paint, get light, multipurpose furniture, and choose the right linens, and you’ll have a bedroom you want to relax in night after night.