Furnishing Your Bedroom: The Guide You Need


While your living room might be the face you show to any visitor in your home, your bedroom is a far more personal space. For many people, it’s the one spot that they can always go to relax and escape. The right bedroom, though, means not only selecting the colors, linens, and décor that you truly love. It also includes choosing the right furniture to make your bedroom feel comfortable and relaxing.

Here are a few tips on furnishing a bedroom that you’ll love day after day.

Choose the Bed First

Ideally, you’ll be spending at least 8 hours a day in your bed, so it’s pretty important that you choose one you actually like. Start by thinking about size: Do you need a king bed, or will a full size one work just fine? You’ll also want to consider how much space you have in which to furnish your bedroom, and choose a bed that won’t make it feel too crowded. The bed is typically the focal point of your bedroom, so you’ll want to do some careful planning before you buy.

Next consider which style you like. Maybe you go for classic old world craftsmanship, or really want a traditional sleigh bed with a wooden frame. You don’t necessarily need to buy a complete bedroom set or even pieces in the same collection. Many people find that simply buying bedroom furniture that’s in the same style and that has a similar look, such as dark wood and straight legs, will allow the furniture to go together, if not match.

Think Storage

dressersA lot has to go into your bedroom, from clothes to personal items. That’s not a problem if you have a lot of space – you can add a dresser, a tall chest, a couple of nightstands, and even a storage trunk. Make sure that you don’t overcrowd the room with too many storage pieces, however. You should be able to walk easily across the room, and access all of the furniture without needing to move something else out of the way. If you have furniture that’s big and imposing, it’s even more important that you don’t add a lot of pieces that might make the room feel crowded.

When considering how to furnish a bedroom that doesn’t have a lot of space, you’re going to need to be more inventive. You may still have room for a dresser and a nightstand or two, but be sure that you go with items that you like. Consider a storage bed with drawers underneath to add more room for bedding or clothes. Beds with bookcase headboards can also be used to replace a nightstand. You can also think up: a shelf on the wall or a tall dresser or chest can give you storage without taking up too much floor space.

When you’re trying to furnish a really small bedroom, think about a wall bed or murphy bed. These clever furniture pieces let you lift the bed up and hide it inside a tall wall unit, completely opening up the room. Many murphy beds also have storage shelves and drawers included in the wall unit.

Don’t Forget About Add-ons

There are a number of different items you can add to any bedroom furniture line up to help your room feel a bit more comfortable. Bedside tables and nightstands, for instance, are the perfect place for your alarm clock and a good book. Many people like to add a TV (along with a TV stand or media chest) to the bedroom. You may also need additional storage pieces like an armoire.

How to furnish a bedroom doesn’t stop with the obvious furniture. Think about accessories like rugs, jewelry armoires, and mirrors to make your room useful and comfortable. You’ll want a bedside lamp for reading at night, too.

Your bedroom is an important part of your home, so think seriously about how to furnish the bedroom before you choose all of the pieces to add. Consider what pieces of furniture you really need, and how to maximize the space without making the room feel crowded. Look for pieces that can do double-duty, like a storage bed. And make sure that you choose furniture in a style that you find welcoming and relaxing, as you want it to spell comfort at every turn.