KEEPING FREE OF CLUTTER with Coleman Furniture


Feeling claustrophobic in your bedroom? Luckily, some beds come with drawers underneath! Without comprimising on style, you can add great storage space for those shoes you just couldn't find a place for.

bed drawers

No room for dining in your kitchen? No problem! Add a few funky counter stools to a kitchen island, or even your regular counter space and viola! An eat-in kitchen perfect for sipping your morning coffee.

grey stools


Some living rooms are smaller than we'd like them to be. Need some more seating but no room for an additional sofa or loveseat? Ottomans are a great solution! Some even come with hidden storage space in side, perfect for tossing in extra throw blankets or a book you're in middle of reading. 



Sometimes you need another room but your budget doesn't allow for expansion. Room dividers are a great way to section off an area of a room to create an extra room. At Coleman Furniture, we offer a variety off beautiful room dividers that will only inhance your home.

room divider


Lacking ample closet space? Or maybe your bedroom has limited wall space for dressers. Armoires and wardrobes are a terrific solution. It keeps everything organized and all in one area. Make sure to choose one with doors if you're the messy kind ;)



No guest room? Futons are great for this. Sofa by day, bed by night.

futon couchfuton bed

Pot racks- a fabulous invention! Not everyone id blessed with a large kitchen able to accompany everything in its endless cabinetry. Some of us are stuck with a 2 x 2 and have to make it work. Hanging your pots is a great solution and keeps the clutter away.

pot racks


Not everyone loves the look of a futon. Thankfully, daybeds are a great alternative. They're lovely and come in a variety of styles. At Coleman, we have a great selection of daybeds to suit your style. Add some cute throw pillows to enhance your daybed's appeal.



Filing cabinets aren't all ugly. They come in so many beautiful designs. Everyone should have one to store documents and mail. It keeps your papers organized and off your dining room table. Trinkets and little decorative pieces easily hide the true purpose of your filing cabinet. To a guest it just looks like a beautiful side table.


filing cabinet


Mirrors are the answer! Small areas expand with mirrors. Use them liberally throughout your home. Your small space will appear double its size!



Need something narrower than a love seat? Chaise lounges are extremely versatile. Add one to a living room or bedroom for a stylish addition. While you may not have room in your living room for a love seat, but want something more than an accent chair, a chaise lounge is the perfect choice.



No coat closet? Try a coatrack. Store other season's outerwear in a bedroom closet and keep the ones you wear on the rack. This will minimize the clutter of your coat rack.

coat rack