Things to Know About Leather Match Furniture

You know, buying furniture is one of the most costly purchase people make, but ironically, buyers usually have limited knowledge about it. Now, if you’re looking for leather upholstery, you need to go beyond the looks and texture of the item. In other words, it’s not enough that the furniture looks chic and supple to consider it a good buy. It is also not enough to merely rely on the credibility of your retailer. Let’s face the fact that some retailers often alter quality levels of furniture and won’t tell it to customers.

Have you encountered the term “leather match” when you bought your home or office furniture? Did you learn what leather match means? If not, then it’s about time to find out. Besides, you must know if you are really paying a fair price for the furniture you are buying, right? Re-acquaint yourself on some furniture know-how! Ask the right questions to avoid overpaying for furniture.

What is Leather Match?

If you hear the salesperson say “it is leather match”, then technically it’s not 100% natural leather. This could be good news for some buyers especially if the upholstered furniture looks and feels like genuine leather. Why so? It’s because leather match upholstery has a cheaper price tag!

Leather match is a perfect alternative to 100% leather that combines a portion of top-grain leather on the visible part of the furniture with artificial material such as vinyl at the back and on the sides of the furniture.  Both materials are matched skillfully to look like genuine leather. Leather match is often used on chairs, sofas and recliners.

How Leather Match Is Constructed?

Leather match chairs, sofas and loveseats use real leather on visible parts like the seat, the tops of the arms and the backrest, and matching vinyl covers the rest. On the other hand, leather match ottomans only use leather on the top.

What Are the Benefits of Leather Match Upholstery?

Less Expensive – Obviously, the primary benefit of leather match upholstery is the cheaper price. It usually costs 30% to 90% less than furniture fully upholstered with 100% real leather.

Aesthetic Appeal– Many furniture stores offer classy and trendy leather match furniture that gives your home an instant makeover. Leather furniture makes an exotic addition to any room. It promotes warmth and a homey feeling. Leather match furniture will give you similar aesthetic appeal and ambience simply because it looks exactly like leather.

Comfort Factor – Unlike furniture pieces upholstered with vinyl or other artificial leather, leather match boasts the most leather-like feel because the areas that touch the body are covered with real leather.  You can still get natural leather’s porous and breathable material. The leather portion absorbs moisture and adjusts to your body temperature.   

Warning: Leather Match Furniture May Deceive the Eyes!

Due to sophisticated dying and stamping techniques, identifying which one is leather match can be difficult just by looking. This could be a problem when retailers exhibit leather match upholstery with real leather furniture. You do not want to pay for leather match furniture with a price tag of real leather, do you? Bottom line is. Purchase from a trusted furniture store! You can also check the manufacturer’s catalog or ask the salesperson about the material of the furniture. Additionally, take note of the terms like leather-like, faux leather and leatherette.