With the many attractive lighting options available, you’ll easily add both brightness and style to your home. Place a floor lamp or table lamp next to your chair to add light to your immediate area, while putting a torchiere or other lamp in several corners can help brighten up the entire room. Most people prefer chandeliers or other ceiling lights in the dining room, but adding a pair of table lamps on the sideboard can provide flattering indirect light to the table. Bright ceiling light fixtures and vanity lights are popular for bathrooms, especially around the mirror. For the bedroom, consider cozy table lamps on the nightstands for easy access.

Lighting a Room to Serve its Purpose

When you’re buying lighting for any room in the house, think about what you’re using that room for. If you regularly get dressed in your bedroom, it would be helpful to have a bright floor lamp or ceiling light so that you can clearly see how you look in the mirror. Dining room light fixtures should focus on the table, while table lamps in the living room should be placed to allow for easy reading and conversation on the sofa. Free shipping is included on all orders from Coleman Furniture, so your lamp will be delivered directly to your door at no additional cost. If you have any questions about lighting options, please feel free to call our helpful sales associates at 800-974-5255. Let us make your online furniture shopping experience a happy one.