Ceiling Lights

More than the classic flush mounts and plain frosted glass bowls ceiling lights are a fantastic way to add light to a room – either as the main source to brighten an entire room or as task lighting for specific areas. At Coleman Furniture you'll find flush mounts ceiling mounts island and pool table lights and mini and full-size pendants so that you can find the perfect lighting for any room Read More

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Inertia Silver Leaf 6 Light Large Pendant


On Sale$6539.00

Lily Enchanted Silver Leaf 8 Light Pendant


On Sale$6249.00

Hexsation Vintage Brass 12 Light Pendant


On Sale$7974.00

Bliss Topaz Leaf 12 Light Pendant


On Sale$3789.00

Lily Enchanted Silver Leaf 4 Light Pendant


On Sale$2596.00

Lily Enchanted Silver Leaf 2 Light Pendant


On Sale$8862.00

Tiara Vienna Bronze 7 Light Pendant


On Sale$3289.00

Vertigo Gold Leaf 1 Light Mini Pendant


On Sale$940.00

Vertigo Gold Leaf 2 Light Small Pendant


On Sale$1568.00

Circo Satin Silver Leaf 8 Light Pendant


On Sale$3655.00