Corbett Lighting Pendants

Shiny pendants work well towards revamping your empty walls and adding a new dimension to the interior decor. A tube light or bulb do little to accentuate the elegance of your home so go for miniature lighting pendants that will enhance the overall appearance of your place. Available in casual contemporary and traditional designs our lighting fixtures work beautifully when it comes to styling your habitat.

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Peony Gold Leaf 4 Light Medium Pendant


On Sale$1344.00

Lily Enchanted Silver Leaf 4 Light Pendant


On Sale$2596.00

Vertigo Gold Leaf 1 Light Mini Pendant


On Sale$940.00

Vertigo Gold Leaf 2 Light Small Pendant


On Sale$1568.00

Broomley Vintage Brass 1 Light Pendant


On Sale$1094.00

Broomley Vintage Brass 2 Light Pendant


On Sale$1512.00

Jasmine Silver Leaf 28" 1 Light Pendant


On Sale$1784.00

Jasmine Silver Leaf 36" 1 Light Pendant


On Sale$2419.00

Jasmine Silver Leaf 44" 1 Light Pendant


On Sale$3217.00

Moxy Gold Leaf 15" 1 Light Pendant


On Sale$582.00

Moxy Gold Leaf 19" 1 Light Pendant


On Sale$641.00

Moxy Silver Leaf 19" 1 Light Pendant


On Sale$641.00

Tropicale Gold Leaf 12 Light Large Pendant


On Sale$4651.00

Peony Gold Leaf 4 Light Small Pendant


On Sale$1067.00