Coaster Furniture Lamps

Every room in your home needs lighting to make it a functional and enjoyable space. You'll find a huge selection of lamps in our collection from modern table lamps to industrial-style desk lamps. With thousands of options to choose from we have just the right room lights to brighten up your home and shed some light on your favorite decorative pieces. Ceiling lights often do a good job of brightening up a room but they can't always deliver the more focused light of a task lamp or create a feeling of warmth that comes with the soft glow of an accent lamp Read More

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901484 Chrome Floor Lamp



961227 White Table Lamp



901490 Chrome Floor Lamp



1771N Satin Black Floor Lamp



902964 Black Table Lamp



920067 Chrome Floor Lamp



901525 Chrome Table Lamp



920074 White 60" Floor Lamp



920120 White 65" Floor Lamp



920017 Clear Table Lamp



920051 White 26" Table Lamp