Should I Go with a Standard King Bed or a California King?


You want plenty of room to stretch out in your bed, so a king size is a natural choice. As you shop, though, you may notice that you also have to choose between the standard king sized bed and the California king. When deciding between a California king vs king bed, which one is right for you? This quick guide can help you pick.

What’s the Difference?

The main difference between a standard or Eastern king bed and a California king is the size. Standard king beds measure 76” W x 80” L, while California kings are 72” W x 84” L. The real choice between king vs California kingcalifornia king is whether you want more length or width in your bed. Keep in mind, though, that the frame you choose could be a bit longer or wider if it’s fairly ornate, and this can take up a lot of space in your bedroom.

Your height will factor into your decision between a California king vs king bed as well. The standard king size bed is plenty long for most people. If you or your partner is fairly tall, however, you will want to go with the California King. This is by far the longest of any typical bed size. You may have to sacrifice a bit of width to get this increased length, but it’s far better than having your feet hang off the end of the bed every night.

Think About Your Space

Before you choose between a California king bed vs king bed, make certain you measure the space you have available in your bedroom. You’ll want to buy a bed that fits within the length and width you have available. Don’t simply measure the room, though, as you probably have other furniture you’d like to fit in there. Instead, measure the actual bed space before you shop.

Think as well about the size of the bed frame that you’re considering. A platform bed won’t take up nearly as much room as a mansion bed or a sleigh bed, in most cases. A standard king with an elaborate canopy bed frame might take up a lot more space than a California king platform bed.

Consider Bedding

Remember that if you go with a completely different size bed than what you have now, you may actually have to buy new bedding – you can’t simply switch between a California king and a standard king. Instead, you’ll need to replace the fitted sheet, top sheet, and blankets if you plan to move from one to the other.

While not uncommon, California king bedding can be a bit harder to find in stores than sheets and blankets made for a standard king. If you want to shop for bedding online, however, you’re likely to have many more options. The prices are usually comparable for a California king vs king bed, so you probably won’t need to pay more for one or the other.

So Which Should I Buy?

Ultimately, the decision between a California king vs king is a personal one, and depends mostly on how much space you actually need. Both are very large beds and give you plenty of space to relax in. If you need extra length, then the California king is definitely the way to go. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to make sure that you’ll have enough space for your bed, whatever size you choose.