LEATHER Created from animal skins, leather is durable, comfortable and when cared for properly- long lasting.

Eco leather


ECO-LEATHER It has the appearance of leather, but this is a man-made material and is not as expensive as genuine leather. This option is also easier to maintain. 

bonded leather


BONDED LEATHER Also a man-made product, bonded leather is known as reconstituted leather or blended leather as well. It is a mixture of fiber, shredded leather and a polyurethane coating, made to look like leather.

Leather Match


LEATHER MATCH This term is used to describe an upholstered product where a portion of the product is real leather, generally everywhere your body touches the product, but the back, sides or less visible parts are constructed of another material, usually vinyl. It is matched to look and feel like leather.



VELVET A specially woven fabric makes this material luxuriously soft. Most velvet today is made of rayon and silk. As beautiful as it is though, it can be difficult to maintain.



FABRIC This cloth material is great for furniture. It's made from interlacing fibres. Spot clean for care. 



CHENILLE Soft and durable, chenille has a velvety feel to it. Some are even stain-resistant! Vacumming it with a soft brush can help it last longer.



PLOYESTER Polyester fabrics are often strong, wrinkle and tear-resistant. Although it is not the best quality, you can't beat the price! 


MICROFIBER A synthetic material made to feel like suede, microfiber is easier to clean than genuine suede and also less costly.