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Master Bedroom Furniture

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A master bedroom should be a reflection of your ideal retreat. This is the one space in your home that is truly yours and should be considered as such. Don’t allow your master bedroom to be overrun by your children’s toys or the work that you bring home from the office. Rather enable this space to become a serene, tranquil environment for you to escape to, when you need a quiet moment to regroup.
When you are decorating your master bedroom, think back to a time or place where you have truly felt at peace. Whether it was a wonderful vacation that you and your loved one experienced together or an activity that you both share, such as yoga, use this as your base for your design, as long as you will both be enveloped by peace and harmony. Just as when you decorate any room in your home you want to employ your personality. No other room in your home is more important to be a reflection of your personality than your master bedroom. Be sure to include your partner in the design process of your master bedroom, because it should be a true reflection of you both. Each of you should feel just as at peace in the room as the other. You may even be surprised by your partner’s enthusiasm of decorating your master bedroom suite, as this is a room that you both spend the majority of your time in.
There was a time when a master bedroom was primarily a reflection of the female’s design tastes. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Males want to have just as much of an input as females do in the decorating process of the master bedroom. This does not necessarily have to be a fully masculine room, but rather a combination of both the feminine and masculine tastes finding a wonderful cohesion between the two different style aspects. When you incorporate both of your style tastes, this can produce an amazing master bedroom suite both can enjoy and relish, allowing each of you to find comfort and peace. Enabling your master bedroom to become a sanctuary that you may never want to leave.
Once you have chosen your ideal theme to decorate your master bedroom, your next step is to choose a color pallet that best reflects your chosen theme. When choosing your color pallet for your master bedroom, make sure to choose at minimum of three different colors, you can even employ as many as four colors. There was a time we had to adhere to strict design rules, which included the limitation of your color pallet to only two colors. Thankfully, we no longer have these design constraints. Choose colors that are not only going to coordinate with your design theme, but will incorporate a soothing pallet that both of you will enjoy. Do make sure to have a range of colors spanning from light to dark. If you’re choosing to utilize three colors, then you want to have light, medium, and dark tones of your color pallet. When choosing to have four colors then you will want to have two medium colors within your color pallet. This is primarily the rule of thumb for decorating any space in your home.
Your master bedroom should include furniture that offers clean lines that will coordinate into your chosen theme. The furniture finishes you choose for your bedroom should be easy on your eye as well as being highlighted by your color pallet. You also want to incorporate furniture pieces that offer enough drawer space or hidden shelves, to be able to contain and hide the clutter that resides in your master bedroom suite. The reasoning behind this design goal is that it has been shown in scientific studies that limiting the clutter in your space will enable you to have a peaceful night’s sleep, which everyone needs. This is one design goal that you will want to incorporate throughout your home not only in your master bedroom suite. Forward thinking designers have realized the need to design space in a clean and efficient manner, therefore manufacturers have taken heed of this design aspect and have produced bedroom furniture adhering to this decorating initiative.
Today, we have so many different furniture options that it can be a daunting task especially when you are purchasing such big-ticket item such as your bedroom furniture. Therefore, you want to ensure that you have your design theme in place prior to purchasing such items. Your theme will not only affect the style of furniture, but also the stain. For example, rich dark stains work best with lighter color walls, while light stains are more compatible with a darker wall color. You want to enhance your furniture and not lose it in your walls. Some furniture is more flexible than others. If you tend to revamp your space often, you might want to consider a more neutral style. To determine a piece that will work, picture it in many different decors, such as vintage, modern or traditional. Ask yourself “does this furniture pieces fit into your design image or does it stick out like a sore thumb?” If you can easily place the style into many decors, this is the choice for you.
Regardless of your style preference you can create a master bedroom that will become your own personal oasis from the stresses of life, by simply incorporating simple design elements, rich wood furniture, and sumptuous fabrics. You will have your own vacation retreat, only a few steps away, and the best part is it’s free.

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