Armoires can be used to keep electronic items such as televisions or blankets or can be used as a wardrobe depending on their size and functionality. They are made from high quality wood and leather and come with cabinet doors with optional drawers and can fit along any wall of your bedroom. Browse through our assorted range of armoires and select your pick.

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Magnolia Manor Antique White Armoire


Memorial Day Sale$1979.00

Farmhouse Reimagined Antique White Armoire


Memorial Day Sale$1845.00
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Somerset Fresh Walnut Large Armoire Cabinet


Memorial Day Sale$569.00

Abbey Road Porcelain White And Churchill Brown Armoire


Memorial Day Sale$1939.00

Newport Alabaster Wardrobe



Woodlands Medium Wood Wardrobe


Memorial Day Sale$6201.00

Lennart Oak Armoire



Pur By Bark Gray Pullout Armoire



Newport Sailcloth Pacific Coast Cabinet By Barclay Butera


Memorial Day Sale$5894.00

Edge By White 2 Drawer Storage Unit with Door


Memorial Day Sale$769.00

Logandale Brown Wardrobe Chest


Memorial Day Sale$1465.00
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Somerset Platinum Gray Large Armoire Cabinet


Memorial Day Sale$569.00

26165 Pure White Open Corner Wardrobe



Cherry 7 Drawer Shaped Jewelry Armoire


Memorial Day Sale$1962.00

Kingstown Rich Tamarind Trafalgar Armoire


Memorial Day Sale$4544.00