Southern Home Furnishings

The idea was simple: manufacture only reclining furniture and make it better than anyone ever had. Southern Home Furnishings Formally known as Fusion Furniture has become a leader in design and innovation in all categories of motion furniture. No matter what your style is, Southern Home Furnishings Furniture has a wide selection of designs and reclining options to choose from. After over 20 years in Motion, they are still committed to America and pride themselves not only on the quality of their furniture but also on the dedication and commitment of their workforce. Southern Home Furnishings believes that American workers can manufacture a quality, competitively priced product. Southern Home Furnishings presently employs over 1450 workers in their five Mississippi-based facilities, in their ongoing quest to manufacture the "World's Best Reclining Furniture"!

Basic Wool Living Room Set


Handwoven Parchment Living Room Set


Shadowfax Dove Living Room Set


Felix Dune Living Room Set


Palance Mink Living Room Set


Tampa Ice Living Room Set


Vandy Heather Living Room Set


Caitlin Birch Living Room Set


Max Gray Living Room Set


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