Sectional sofas and are perfect for those who love having a luxurious corner in their living rooms to entertain guests enjoy a friendly chat and spend quality time with the family. These large sofas are often made in an L-shape with two connected seating areas perpendicular to each other. Depending on the exact style you can find sectionals with sides of equal length; those with a longer sofa on one side and a shorter loveseat-length side; or those with the shorter side offering a chaise lounge style extension Read More

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Darcy Steel RAF Sectional



Cali Pearl Modular Sectional



Cali Slate Modular Sectional



Tambo Pewter Reclining Sectional



Accrington Granite LAF Sectional



Bastrop Black Reclining LAF Sectional



Hallenberg Fog RAF Sectional



Serene Beige RAF Sectional


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