Bedroom Sets

Take the hard part out of coordinating your bedroom furniture with one of Coleman Furniture’s bedroom sets. These sets are crafted to work in harmony; start with a bed style and let the rest of the décor follow, or fall in love with a single piece and synchronize accordingly. We offer a wide range of styles to fit your taste as well as sizes from king to full. Best of all, we allow you to pick and choose which pieces you want to purchase, so you don’t end up with extra furniture you won't use and can customize your pieces Read More

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Willowton Whitewash Panel Bedroom Set


Winter Sale$1307.00

Drystan Multi Panel Bedroom Set


Winter Sale$1095.00

Heirloom White Poster Bedroom Set


Winter Sale$1148.00

Alisdair Sleigh Bedroom Set


Winter Sale$957.00

Naples White Lacquer Platform Bedroom Set



Palermo White Lacquer Platform Bedroom Set



Brashland White Panel Bedroom Set


Winter Sale$1059.00
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