ABB, Inc, through its Med-Lift and Sleep Ezz divisions, strives to provide the finest quality lift chairs and Leisure beds for both the medical and furniture industry. Through the years, we have continued to stay focused on this goal, by building our products with materials that far exceed anything else used by our competition. From the kiln dried oak and hardwoods used to manufacture our lift chair frames, Uni-construction seat back assembly, to the 600 lb, steel frame on our Deluxe Leiusre beds, we start all of our products with the strongest foundation and finish them with materials for maximum comfort, including top-of-the-line fabrics, & plush, industry-leading mattress components. Finally, we support each product with a warranty and customer service department unmatched by any other lift chair or adjustable bed company. We have over 6000 dealers nation wide with Med-Lift and Sleep Ezz products. Visit our dealers today.