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Coat racks and coat trees are perfect for keeping coats hats and ties off the floor in an elegant and sophisticated manner. Browse through our collection of wood metal and glass accented coat racks and coat trees and make a stylish addition to your home and office décor. Available in both light and dark hues our coat racks and trees would complement color tones and wall texture.

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Logan Medium Brown Costumer



1937024 Cherry Costumer


Fall Sale$415.00

Industrial Chic Mountain Lodge Costumer


Fall Sale$299.00

Masterpiece Black Licorice Costumer


Fall Sale$389.00

Logan White Costumer


Fall Sale$289.00

Industrial Chic Coat Rack



Logan Light Brown Costumer



Genoa Silver Costumer


Fall Sale$355.00

971024 Cherry Costumer


Fall Sale$449.00

Cherry Costumer



1937001 Masterpiece Vintage Oak Costumer


Fall Sale$389.00

Webster Antique Cherry Costumer


Fall Sale$275.00

Irving Cherry Costumer