Bar Sets

Enjoy a tasty beverage and entertain at home with stylish bar sets from Coleman Furniture. Each set typically includes a bar or bar table along with two matching stools although you may find that some pub sets include four stools. A number of our collections include related items such as matching bar cabinets hutches and consoles all of which can be added to your order for an additional price. At Coleman Furniture we carry a range of styles from traditional bar units with comfy leather stools to stylish modern sets in chrome and glass Read More

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Nantucket Cotton 78" Quartz Insert Bar Set


On Sale$1845.00
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Nantucket Cotton Quartz Insert Bar Set


On Sale$1635.00
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Escape Glazed Natural Oak 78" Bar Set


On Sale$2475.00
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Pure Modern Moonstone 78" Bar Set


On Sale$3311.00
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Ashford Black And Rustic 78" Bar Set


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Americana Modern Cotton 78" Quartz Insert Bar Set


On Sale$1728.00
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PGA Distressed Gray Deluxe Bar Set


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Sundance Sandstone 80" Bar Set


On Sale$2371.00
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Realyn Chipped White Bar Set


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Niagara Rustic Cherry Bar Set


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Monticello Distressed Walnut Bar Set


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Tempe Tobacco Everywhere Console/Bar Table Set


On Sale$842.00
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Belvedere Distressed Walnut Return Bar Set


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Prescott Grey Rectangular Bar Set


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Yvonne Whitewash Bar Table Set


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Cheers Bar Set


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State St Glossy White Top Bar Set

by Aico


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La Sierra Grey And White 78" Bar Set


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Cosmopolitan Walnut Matte Bar Set


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Erie Dark Smoked Oak Bar Table Set