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Are you updating your bedroom decor? Adding a bedroom bench or vanity stool is the perfect way to enhance convenience and style to your sleeping chambers. We all have those mornings when getting moving is a struggle. Having a vanity bench to sit on during your morning routine can instantly improve your outlook for the day. Comfort is everything and with Bluetooth features available you can even wake up to your favorite song. Choose from modern bedroom benches with geometric designs and unique forms and vintage offerings with fashionable upholstery to find a style that best matches your home's aesthetic and your budget Read More

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Cortina Honey Walnut Leather Bedside Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$1571.65

Sky Tower White Cloud Bedside Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$449.65

State St Stainless Steel Non Storage Bed Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$714.63

Glimmering Heights Ivory Non Storage Bed Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$691.81

Hollywood Swank Platinum Leather Vanity Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$761.08

Platine De Royale Champagne Vanity Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$632.04

Platine De Royale Champagne Bed Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$976.65

Hollywood Swank Platinum Faux Sheepskin Bed Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$884.85

Carrollton Rustic Ranch Leather Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$550.49

Melrose Dove Non Storage Bed Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$652.69

Glimmering Heights Ivory Vanity Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$544.19

Hollywood Swank Creamy Pearl Leather Vanity Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$761.08

Melrose Dove Vanity Bench


Cyber Monday Sale$580.43
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