A good night's rest is often all you need to wake up energized and ready to conquer the day. However, uninterrupted sleep is impossible without the right mattress. At Coleman Furniture, we offer more than 1,000 mattresses online so you can find the perfect bed for your specific needs at prices that are kind to your wallet. Sort by mattress type to find just your level of firmness — you might require a firm style for a straighter back and better circulation, or you could prefer a soft, cushioned pillow top mattress, which has a layer of extra padding for a comfortable rest on your side. We also carry a great selection of mattresses in a box that feature comfy, supporting foam. Whichever way, you can buy a mattress from Coleman Furniture in the size, material, and features that work best for you.

The Right Mattress Is King

Are you getting the rest you need or are the lumps in your bed keeping you up at night? With a variety of high density gel foam options and layered support, our mattresses and accessories promise high performing sleep and budget-friendly prices. An average adult demands 7-9 hours of sleep each night in order to properly stimulate brain activity and various functions of the body. Your bedding shouldn't be what's holding you back from a quality sleep regimen. To prevent this type of misfortune, we provide many different sizes and levels of firmness, from a twin extra firm style to a queen pillow top mattress. We want you to find a mattress set that best accommodates your body, your sleeping patterns, and your individual preferences.

Aware that everyone's needs are unique, Coleman Furniture carries hypoallergenic and organic styles, as well as convenience features like a USB charging port, power packed wrapped coils for support, and removable covers. With many offerings priced at less than $500, you'll find mattresses online in our collection with prices that are hard to beat. Questions? We want to hear them! Give us a call at 800-974-5255 for any additional information!