Trunks have not remained items that are meant to be kept in the attic but have turned in to pieces of display art that can be placed in your living room. Coleman Furniture gives you the option to own any of these finely crafted wooden trunks that feature intricate carvings and designs to add a bit of antiquity to your home.

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Ashford Savile Flannel Rennie Trunk


Black Friday Sale$448.00

Heritage Trunk Table


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4694 Warm Brown Cedar Chest


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4695 Honey Cedar Chest


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Nador Artifacts Storage Trunk


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Neela Artifacts Storage Trunk



Dockside II White Storage Trunk


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Island Estate Plantation Brown East Cove Trunk


Black Friday Sale$1421.10

Aspen Skies Russet Brown Storage Trunk



Grant Park Pecan Storage Trunk



Westlake Cherry Brown Blanket Trunk



Westlake Dark Mahogany Blanket Trunk


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Islander Multicolor Accent Trunks


Black Friday Sale$289.00
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Amira White Lime Storage Trunk


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Nantucket Brown Trunk


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Seaside Gray Shell Trunks


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