Why Buy Bonded Leather Furniture


In 2007, bonded leather began hitting the market. It’s true that many people, especially manufacturers and sellers were a bit concerned of the term, “bonded leather” because it does not really use a lot of genuine leather. Nevertheless, bonded leather has captured the eyes of budget conscious buyers since bonded leather furniture are less expensive than the traditional ones.

Bonded Leather Defined

Bonded leather is a fabric material that is made of different amounts of real leather. It is usually combined with other materials to craft a leather-like fabric. Bonded leather is mostly used to bind books, make desk accessories, fashion accessories and fashionable clothing. It is also widely used to upholster various furniture items.

What is Bonded Leather Furniture?

The most common type of bonded leather used in upholstered furniture today is the polyurethane (PU) or vinyl fabric. It is backed with a layer of latex or other materials that consist of tiny pieces of recycled leather. Manufacturers stamp the vinyl surface to provide a texture similar to genuine leather. Bonded leather furniture may also smell like real leather.

Benefits of Bonded Leather  

 Cheaper Price – This is the main advantage of bonded leather. Most bonded leather furniture cost 30% lesser than furniture made of genuine leather. When money is tight at the moment, you may purchase bonded leather while saving up on luxurious genuine leather that you can pass on from generation to the next.

Looks and Feels Like Real Leather – If you want cheaper furniture yet fancy the elegance, luster and texture of genuine leather, then buying bonded leather furniture is a great deal. In fact, high quality bonded leather fabric may fool your eyes and it can be hard to spot the difference.

Product Consistency and Wide Design Options – Apart from having a minimal design variation per batch, bonded leather allows creation of different patterns, from classic leather effects to catchy geometric designs.

Easy to Clean – A dish soap mixed with a splash of vinegar is a good cleaning agent. Moist a clean cloth then wipe the bonded leather gently to remove dirt and debris. Dry the spot and apply a tablespoon of leather condition to protect and condition the fabric. Take note that using alcohol based products or harsh detergent can dry out the vinyl.

Good for the Environment – Bonded leather is made from recycled leather fibers. It’s true that this may not save the rain forest, but undoubtedly, it is a way to help lessen the leather scraps and landfill waste.

Types of Bonded Leather Furniture

You can find a wide assortment of bonded leather furniture in the market today, whether online or offline. Today’s bonded leather furniture choices include sofas, sectionals, chairs, recliners, storage benches and ottomans.

Beautify your home with bonded leather upholstered furniture! There’s no need to empty your bank account or cut down your furniture shopping list. Bonded leather furniture gives you classy and inviting home interior while keeping your budget on target.