Make the Most of Your Space With the Facts on Different Bed Sizes!


When you’re ready to hit the sack at night, you want a bed that’s comfortable and the right size for your sleeping needs. Having enough space can help you get a better night’s sleep and wake up ready to start the day. While a twin might be fine for a younger child, you may want a full bed for a teen or young adult. Some couples sleep well together in a double bed, but others require the space that a queen or king provides. On the other hand, a California king might be too large for your small bedroom. Knowing the bed dimensions can help you choose the right bed for your home.

Here’s a quick rundown on the different bed sizes so that you can plan appropriately.

Toddler Beds

Many parents choose a toddler bed for a very young child who has just started to outgrow his crib. Toddler beds are actually about the same size as cribs, usually about 27” x 52”. In fact, there are a number of cribs that actually convert into toddler beds, letting you get more use out of your furniture. Parents often find that a toddler bed is the perfect step if their little one is ready for a big kid bed but not quite ready for something as large as a twin sized bed. Young children may find the limited size of a toddler bed is comforting when making the transition.

Twin Beds

Twin beds are sometimes called single beds, since they fit just one person comfortably. The twin bed dimensions are typically 39” x 75”. This size is great for a child who doesn’t need a lot of extra room, or to fit in a smaller bedroom. twin bedOlder children and adults may also be comfortable in a twin bed, especially if they need to save space, but because they are just over 6 feet long, they may be too short.

Extra-long Twin Beds

Another twin bed option is the extra-long twin, which adds another 5 inches to the length, making the bed dimensions 39” x 80”. This is often perfect for an older teen or adult who just needs to maximize the space in a single bedroom. Extra-long twins are less common than regular twins, and they do require different bedding.

Full Beds

Also called double beds, full beds were once the most common bed size for adults, and many couples still use them today. The dimensions for this bed size are 54” x 75”. A full size bed can be just the right size for the guest room or in a teen’s room to give him or her that added bit of space. While they have the same bed dimensions as a twin in terms of length, many people find that the extra width makes up for it. As with a twin, however, some people find a full size bed to be too short for real comfort.

Queen Beds

Queen beds are 60” x 80”, and they’re great for most couples. The extra bit of width and length makes them more comfortable, especially when sharing the bed. This is one of the most popular sizes of bed, so it’s very easy to find a great selection of styles to choose from, as well as bedding that fits.

There are actually different bed sizes for queens, including the Olympic queen and the California queen. Olympic queens add 6 inches to the width, while California queens add 4 inches to the length. Neither bed size is particularly common, so you may need to do a bit of searching if you really want one of these sizes. In addition, while standard queen linens are easy to find everywhere, those with Olympic and California queens may have a bit tougher time finding sheets and blankets that fit.

King Beds

If you’re looking for real space, a king sized bed is the way to go. With bed dimensions of 76” x 80”, and they’ve helped to define luxury in a whole new way. If you’re sharing the bed with another person, you’re each getting as much space as you might in an extra-long twin-sized bed. King beds are a very popular size, and there are many styles to choose from. Because they are so big, however, you’ll need to think about the size of the room you’re putting the bed into. A traditional king size bed may be too bulky for a small bedroom.

California King Beds

If a king bed just isn’t big enough, don’t fret! You can also get a California king, which adds 4 inches to the length. This size bed is really only going to fit in a large bedroom, so keep this in mind when shopping. California kings are a bit more common than California or Olympic queen beds, so you may have a slightly easier time finding bedding.

Plan Before You Buy

When you’re considering different sizes of bed, be sure to do a bit of advanced room planning before you actually head for the store or place your order online! Make sure that you know what the bed dimensions are that will fit into your bedroom. You’ll want to make sure that you have enough space to hold your new bed comfortably, without making the room seem crowded.