Different Bed Styles You Should Consider


Most people spend 8 hours or more a day in their bedroom, so it’s important that this room be comfortable and relaxing. Besides comfort, though, you want your bed to look great, as it can be the focal point of any bedroom. It’s the one piece of bedroom furniture that can really define your space and change your mood, so it’s important to get the right bed style to meet your needs.

Not sure what bed styles you have to choose from? Here’s an overview that might help.

Bunk Beds

While bunk beds are typically used in kids’ rooms, they’re also perfect bed style for creating a guest room for all ages. By stacking one bed on top of another, they can save lots of space, and they’re a ton of fun for kids. If you’re bunk bedconcerned about bed size, consider a bunk bed with a full or queen size bed on the bottom. This is a great way to provide extra room to an older child or and overnight guest, but still have an extra sleeping area above it. Different bed frame styles are available, including some that have the foot of the lower bed sticking out perpendicular from the top bunk, rather than parallel.

Loft Beds

If you like the look of bunk beds, but you just need a single bed, a loft bed might work well. Loft beds put one twin or full bed up on an elevated frame, leaving the space underneath open for a dresser, desk, or other furniture. A grown-up version of a bunk bed, they’re a great bed frame style for smaller apartments.

Storage Beds

If you have a smaller bedroom or a studio apartment, a bed with built-in storage it is a great way to make the most of your space. These bed styles look great in almost any space, and they come in a variety of different sizes, from twin to California king. Thanks to the storage drawers underneath, you may be able to eliminate a dresser from the room. Alternately, a storage bed can be a great place to keep bedding, extra blankets, winter clothing, or other items that you don’t use daily.

Bookcase Beds

Another form of storage bed, a bookcase bed puts shelves right in the headboard, adding a place for books, a clock, a lamp, or other objects. It’s a great way to save space in your room, and can often make a nightstand unnecessary. Of course, you don’t need small room to enjoy this style of bed frame, which lets you put a range of items right at your fingertips, even while snuggled up in bed.

Platform Beds

Platform beds often look a lot like storage beds, but they don’t have drawers underneath. This bed style typically has a sleek, simple feel that often works well with modern furniture, although there are many traditional and contemporary options available. The main defining feature of a platform bed is that it typically does not require box spring; this bed frame style is often designed to allow the mattress to sit comfortably directly on the frame. This means that, in many cases, the bed is lower to the ground. Be careful when you buy, however – there are platform beds that require the use of a box spring, so do your research first.

Panel Beds

Panel beds are quite similar to platform beds, but they are made to hold a box spring. They typically have a tall headboard and shorter footboard, and may feature paneling or upholstery on the headboard. This bed style is quite popular, especially for those who like the look of a platform bed, but still want to use a box spring.

Low Profile Beds

A great choice for smaller bedrooms or individuals who prefer a more minimalist look, low profile beds offer relatively simple bed frame styles. As befits their name, these beds may sit lower to the ground than other bed styles, and they usually don’t have large footboards. Many platform beds are also considered to be low profile.

Canopy Beds

When you think luxury, you likely think canopy bed, and for good reason. This bed frame style works well in rooms with high ceilings, and the cloth that drapes over them can provide a very intimate feel. Canopy beds come in both contemporary and traditional bed styles, too! These beds usually do take up quite a bit of space, however, and they can be overpowering in small bedrooms. A canopy bed with thinner posts and top railing can help avoid this.

Poster Beds

While a poster bed is similar to a canopy bed in some ways, it doesn’t have the top railing that connects the four corner posts. In fact, many beds of this style don’t have posts that reach the ceiling at all, and many have even shorter posts at the footboard. Still, it’s the corner posts, often topped by finials, that define this bed frame style.

Sleigh Beds

If you want traditional, a sleigh bed is certainly the way to go. Sleigh beds typically have a large headboard and footboard, which is typically curved to mimic the look of a horse-drawn sleigh. This bed style has been very popular for many years, and they give a feeling of elegance to your room.

Mansion Beds

If you’re ready to sleep in luxury, a mansion bed is just the thing. Typically large and often quite elegant, they can make you feel like you’re lord of the manor. This style of bed frame is often sophisticated and traditional, although there are some contemporary options available.

Shelter Beds

A shelter bed is a bed style that offers a relatively high headboard, typically with “wing” extensions on either side. Many beds in this style do not have a footboard at all, and for those that do, it tends to be low. Shelter beds are available with both solid wood and upholstered headboards, and they often give a very contemporary look to a room.

Murphy Beds

A great space saving alternative to a regular bed, murphy beds -- also known as wall beds – lift up into an attached wall unit to be hidden from sight. This may be the perfect solution for an office that’s also used as a guest room, or for a small apartment that doesn’t have much extra space. In many cases, the wall unit also includes shelves and drawers, providing extra storage.

Before you select the bed style that might work best for you, shop around to see what style you like and what will work with the room. Some beds, like canopy beds, can take up quite a bit of room, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the space you need.