Buying a Sofa: The Key to Your Living Room


A sofa or a couch is usually used as the centerpiece the living room. It offers several comfortable seats, and it frequently positioned directly in front of the TV so that everyone has a good view. Add a chair and an ottoman, and you have a complete look that could fit in almost any home. Because of its central position, a sofa can often be the most important element in the room, so you should think about your choice carefully before buying a sofa

Here are a few of the factors to consider before buying a couch for your living room.

Seating Capacity

Whether you entertain or you simply have a large family, sofas are typically the most popular place to sit in the living room. Usually, your choices are going to be seating two with a loveseat, seating three or four with a standard loveseatcouch, or seating five or more with a sectional. How many people do you typically have in your living room? How many people do you have when you’re hosting a dinner party? Answering these questions can help you choose the right model.

As you can see by their seating capacity, loveseats are small couches that only seat two people comfortably. They can be used alone or alongside a couch for extra seating or in a more formal living room. Loveseats can be just as comfortable as sofas, and their smaller size means that they are a great choice for small rooms.

In the opposite direction, a sectional or sectional sofa is like a standard sofa and a loveseat combined! It’s typically structured in an “L” shape. Depending on the particular sectional, each leg of the “L” may be the same size, or one side may be slightly shorter. In some cases, the shorter side may actually incorporate a chaise lounge, either sticking out directly from the main sofa portion, or added on to make more of a “J” shape. Sectionals are very big pieces of furniture, so before buying a sofa of this type, make sure that your living room has enough space.


With the couch being the most popular seat in the house, you’ll want to make sure that it’s a comfortable one to sit on. Some people find that leather is the ultimate in comfort, while others prefer a soft microfiber or fabric upholstery. Whichever you prefer when choosing a sofa, make sure that it’s well-padded and relaxing.

No matter what style you prefer, you should be able to find a comfortable sofa that you enjoy sitting on. Modern sofas may be sleek and minimalist, but they should still be well cushioned. Even a traditional, formal sofa can be comfortable.


When buying a sofa, consider the style of the other furniture you have before choosing your piece. You might want something sleek and modern, for example, but if the rest of the furniture in your room is rustic, that simply won’t couch and loveseatwork. Choosing a sofa in the same style, even if it doesn’t exactly match the rest of your furniture, will allow it to look as if it all goes together. An easy way to make sure that everything matches is to buy your furniture in a set. Living room sets typically include a sofa and a loveseat or chair, but you can pick multiple additional pieces from the same collection and get a discount on the entire set.

Think about colors and patterns too. That funky pattern that’s very trendy right now might not look so great in your living room a few years down the road. Consider solid, neutral colors like browns, blacks, and greys. They can be spiced up with a brightly pattered pillow or a colorful throw, and it’s much less expensive to replace those pieces than to buy a new sofa because you don’t like the look.



When choosing a sofa, you should look for something that’s durable. Your couch will probably get a lot of use, and you’ll likely want to hold on to it for many years. Low quality sofas can sag and get lumpy, making them quickly uncomfortable. Look for a frame made of hardwood, which is strong and can last longer than cheaper pine. A steel frame can be a good choice, as it’s very strong and durable, but it’s typically more expensive.

Consider how rough you are on your furniture when you pick an upholstery fabric as well. Genuine leather is beautiful, but expensive, and it can be difficult to clean if you spill water or grease. Bonded leather is less expensive, but not as durable. Fabric made of natural fibers is very comfortable, but it can be expensive and may wear out more quickly than synthetics and blends. Synthetics are often less comfortable, but more durable and typically inexpensive.


If you don’t have a guest room, your next visitor may end up sleeping on the couch. Before you buy a sofa, think about whether or not it would make a good place to sleep. You may even want to go as far as purchasing a sleeper sofa to make sure that your guest has a good night’s rest.