The Best Chair You’ll Ever Own


When you’ve had a long day at work or need to soothe a crying child to sleep, nothing’s better than a relaxing rocking chair. As nice as they are, however, rocking chairs aren’t your only option for gentle, soothing movement. A glider is a great alternative for people who want something different than the traditional look of a rocker, or who are looking for the fluid movement that a glider provides. With upholstery options and styles that work in almost any room, they’re as useful and comfortable as they are stylish.

What Is a Glider?

Gliders are chairs that function a lot like a rocker, but they don’t tip back and forth – they slide with a fluid, swift movement. Many people find this gliding motion to be incredibly soothing, and whether you’re putting the baby to sleep or just trying to shake off a long day, a glider is a good way to do it. In many cases, there’s an ottoman that moves with the glider, allowing you to rest your feet and fully relax.

When trying to decide between a glider vs a rocker, the movement difference should be on of your key criteria. Depending on the rocker, the up-and-down motion can be a bit jarring. Gliders, with their smoother movement, are often preferred, and many people find them to be the more comfortable option, especially when caring for a newborn.

Where Can I Put a Glider?

You can put a glider almost anywhere you can put a more traditional rocker. Many expecting parents put them right in the nursery, but they work well in the living room or den, too. Before you buy a glider, think about where you’ll want to put it after your child is older. A quality glider can last you for many years, so you’ll want a chair that fits in outside of the nursery. As with almost any piece of furniture, you shouldn’t put it somewhere excessively hot or damp, but outside of that, there aren’t a lot of restrictions.

Many gliders also include ottomans, which are separate footrests. If yours does, you’ll want to make sure that you place the chair in a location where the ottoman fits as well. Because a glider moves, make sure that there is open space behind the chair for you to move forward and back without hitting a wall or another piece of furniture.

What Glider Styles Are Available?

Because gliders are so popular, especially for families with newborns, there are many style options available. When it comes to gliders, almost anything goes, from sleek solid wood to upholstered recliners to modern retro chairs. What glideris a glider recliner, you ask? It’s a glider with a little extra something – a reclining back to let you lean back and nap. Most gliding chairs are fully upholstered, giving you a soft, cushioned seat and arm rests. A wide range of fabrics are available, including leather, chenille, and microfiber, and many chairs come in different colors and fabric patterns.

Before you buy a glider, think about the style of the room it will be placed in, as well as where you might want to put it in the future. Your furniture doesn’t necessarily all need to match perfectly; choosing pieces in the same style and similar materials will help everything to coordinate. If you have a very traditional home, for example, with dark woods and leather, choosing a comfortable glider in leather might be your best bet. A minimalist green chair might be a great fit for your modern home. Most gliders do come with matching ottomans, so you may need a little extra space to set it in front of the chair. Because the ottoman is a separate piece, you can place it where it’s most comfortable for you.

Glider Features

When you’re ready to buy a glider, you’ll want to consider a few important features. Make sure the glider is wide enough to seat you comfortably, especially if you’ll be holding a baby or child in your arms or you’ll be using a nursing pillow. If the chair has armrests, make sure that they are comfortable for how you like to sit. You may also want to check to see if the glider has a cover for the gliding mechanism or a lock to prevent it from moving. This is important, especially if you plan to put the glider in a child’s room, as fingers or other items could get caught.

Glider Vs Rocker

So which is better: a glider or a rocker? That’s really a matter of personal choice. It’s a good idea to test both out in a store, if you can, or to check out the furniture that your friends or family may have to see what you like. Gliders have grown hugely in popularity over the past few years, and since many people find them to be more comfortable, they often win in the glider vs rocker debate.

Gliders aren’t just a rocking chair alternative. They’re often the best piece of furniture to meet your style, color, and functional needs. As you shop around for the right glider for you, make certain you select one that fits you comfortably and with looks you’ll love, as you’re certain to love its amazing motion for years to come.