Loveseat Vs Sofa: Which Do You Need?


As you choose furniture for your living room, it’s often difficult to decide which pieces are right for you. One of the big debates is whether you need a sofa or a loveseat in your living room. Do you need both as part of a living room set? What about a sectional sofa? You should consider a number of factors when wading into the loveseat vs sofa debate, including the number of people that you regularly entertain in your home and the size of your room.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Probably the main factor in the loveseat versus sofa debate is how much space you have in your living room. Loveseats are the perfect way to maximize your space and give you the feeling of a couch, even if you don’t have the space leather loveseatfor one. You can even get a loveseat sleeper to make certain you have a spot for guests. If space isn’t all that tight, you’ll probably want a roomier sofa instead.

If you have a big living room or den, you might consider getting both pieces. Many living room sets are available with matching sofa and loveseat, allowing you to give your room a coordinated, unified style. While you certainly do not need to buy both, it’s a good idea to buy them together if you think that you might want both. You’ll save money by buying a set, and guarantee that the pieces match. At this point, you’ll probably want to think about sectional vs sofa and loveseat as well.

Extra Seating For Entertaining

Another great reason to buy both pieces rather than just one is that you’ll get a lot more seating. A loveseat is the perfect way to add two more seats to the house and helps to make certain everyone fits in the room. If you do a lot of entertaining and often have guests in your living room, then loveseat vs sofa shouldn’t even be a question – get both.

Consider a Sectional

Of course, loveseat versus sofa or loveseat and sofa aren’t your only questions to answer. What about buying a sectional sofa? A sectional combines the loveseat and sofa into one piece – or, in many cases, two or more pieces that fit together. Most sectionals offer about the same amount of seating as the other two pieces combined, although it’s often easier to squeeze one or two more bodies onto this larger piece of furniture. And since sectionals often come in sectionalpieces, it may be possible to buy additional parts to give yourself even more space.

So here’s the next choice: sectional vs sofa and loveseat. Each option has its own pros and cons, and one isn’t inherently a better choice than the other. If both offer a similar amount of seating, which is best for you? Consider the following factors.

How much space do you really have?

Sectional sofas are typically made up of several pieces and may be bigger and bulkier than a separate sofa and loveseat. As a result, the sectional is likely to take up more room in your home. If you’re tight on space, it might not be the best choice.

How is your living room laid out?

The shape of your living room can have just as much impact on your choice of furniture as the size. Because there is typically no space between the parts of a sectional, it might actually fit better into a room with unusual corners. A sofa and loveseat, on the other hand, might need more space between them, depending on the style, making them awkward in the same space.

That said, you may find that being able to put the sofa and loveseat in separate parts of the room actually is what looks best. Rather than trying to keep all of the pieces together, like you typically would with a sectional, the sofa can be on one side of the room and the loveseat on the other. You could even have them face each other, with a table in between, to help encourage conversation.

What furniture style do you prefer?

Most decorators recommend trying to keep all of the furniture that’s together in one room in the same style, so that everything goes together even if it doesn’t match exactly. If you’re looking to buy a sectional, however, you might not have the same style options as you would with separate pieces. Although there are many more choices today than there were in the past, a lot of sectional sofas are pretty casual. You’re likely to find a good number of Contemporary and Transitional styles as well. Since this sofa type was developed in the 1960s, you’re less likely to find very traditional or formal options.

Other Factors

Here are a few other things to consider when debating loveseat vs sofa, and sectional vs sofa and loveseat:

    • Price - All other factors being equal, a loveseat will typically cost a little less than a sofa, although the difference isn’t likely to be dramatic. A sectional, on the other hand will be the most expensive of the three. Once you combine the price of the sofa and loveseat, however, you could end up paying more for the two. Don’t assume, however; compare prices to see which is the best deal.


  • Doorways and Halls - Can you get each piece of furniture into your home? While most sectionals come in pieces, they may still be awkward to maneuver up a flight of stairs or through a narrow doorway. Of course, a bulky couch may be just as challenging. Always measure before you buy.