Master Bedroom Ideas

Are you ready to make a change in your bedroom, but aren’t sure where to start? These five master bedroom ideas from Coleman Furniture will get you moving in the right direction!

1. Start with the Bed

As the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom – and the one you spend the most time using – the bed is always going to be the first thing you consider when thinking about new master bedroom ideas. Choose a bed that fits your king bedroom setstyle, whether traditional or modern, and a size that keeps you comfortable at night. If your master bedroom is on the smaller size, try to pick a bed that doesn’t overpower the space. You still need room to walk around and open your dresser drawers, so avoid buying a bed that’s too big.

Decorators often say that the wall directly opposite the door is the best place for your bed. This means that the bed is the first thing you see when you walk in, which is ideal for making it the room’s focal point. This is one of those master bedroom decorating ideas that doesn’t work in every room, however, so don’t get stuck on it. If you have a beautiful view, why not place the bed so that it faces the windows? This way, that view will be the first thing you see every day.

Traditionally, putting your bed in front of a window is considered bad feng shui, but it can be a beautiful way to arrange the room. Sometimes, in fact, in front of the windows is the only place that the bed will fit. By centering the bed on the windows, they can act as almost like an additional headboard, and the curtains can imitate the look of a canopy over the bed.

2. Add A Rug

Waking up and putting your feet down on a cold floor can be an unpleasant way of starting the day. Adding a rug to your bedroom can not only make your morning a little better, it can make the room warmer and give it a softer feel. It’s best to choose a large rug that extends out on all sides of the bed rather than a smaller one just under the foot.

Fun master bedroom decorating ideas don’t stop with warming up your cold floor. Already have carpeting in the bedroom? Why not place an area rug on top? As long as your carpet is relatively thin, the area rug should sit evenly and look great. A new rug can also add a splash of color and pattern to the room if you’re looking to spice things up.

3. Create a Seating Area

If you have the space in your bedroom, create a seating area. Add a few wing chairs or a small loveseat, and you’ll have a spot to sit, talk, and relax. Keep your seating away from closets and drawers so that it doesn’t become a place where you leave clothing rather than putting it away. Other master bedroom ideas for seating include a rocker or gliderfor extra relaxation.

4. Choose the Colors that You Like

It’s common to hear that you should only choose calm, pale colors for your bedroom. While this is a good suggestion to encourage relaxation, there’s little benefit in using colors that you don’t actually like. The best master bedroom ideas focus on making you feel comfortable, whether that’s in a room painted pale yellow or one that’s bright orange.

The master bedroom is your oasis, so you should focus first on what makes you happy and relaxed. Try choosing three coordinating colors and layering them around the room.

5. Don’t Leave the Walls Blank

Have a large blank wall in your master bedroom? Why not find an extra-large piece of art to make the most of that space. If you can’t find a single large piece that you like, add a series of identical picture frames with simple artwork inside side-by-side on the wall. Want something more creative? You can find many options for removable wall stickers in home improvement and decorating stores. Removable wall art lets you add trees, words, and other fun shapes to your walls without damaging the plaster or the paint, making them fun master bedroom decorating ideas.