Fourhands Dining Benches

Peace-of-mind while dining with your friends and family is a must so we bring dining chairs that will make you feel at ease. Nothing else can match the comfort created by these high-class chairs. From vintage to rustic we have all the styles you could ever imagine that these chairs came in.

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Keane Natural Elm Bench



Sara Washed Velvet Grey Dining Bench



Beaumont Rider Black Leather Bench



Darrow Perin Oatmeal Bench



Alice Sonoma Grey Dining Bench



Wyatt Clear Drift Soap Leather Bench



CSD-0042 Light Sand Banquette



Roscoe Brunswick Pebble Bench



Elyse Durango Smoke Leather 59" Bench



Hobson Knoll Natural Dining Bench



Oxford Rialto Ebony Leather Bench



Lindy Rialto Ebony Leather Bench



Shona Matte Black Bench



Fawkes Brunswick Pebble Bench



Cyrus Black Dining Bench