Arm Chairs

When you’re ready to sit down for a meal relax in a comfortable dining arm chair from Coleman Furniture. While you can place arm chairs anywhere around your table most people choose to put them at the heads of the table – the shorter sides of a rectangular table – where the hosts sit. In fact chairs in this position are actually sometimes referred to as “host chairs.” Dining arm chairs do tend to take up a little more room than side chairs so it’s less common to find them around the rest of the table.

Have Fun With Dining Arm Chairs

If you’re looking for a new set of dining arm chairs you might consider choosing chairs that are different from the rest of the table Read More

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Marquesa Gray Cashmere Arm Chair


Fall Sale$795.00

Keegan Cherry Arm Chair Set of 2


Fall Sale$349.00

Tournament Brown Captains Chair


Fall Sale$169.00

Monique Pearl Arm Chair Set Of 2



Windsor Court Fabric Arm Chair Set of 2


Fall Sale$1645.00

Onyx Bronze Quinn Arm Chair Set Of 2


Fall Sale$1425.00