Alpine Counter Height Dining Set

With tables and chairs that sit about 6" above standard table height counter-height dining sets are an excellent choice for smaller dining areas. The extra height opens up the area beneath the table giving the room a feeling of space. These sets are available in styles to suit both formal and casual dining areas although the taller table and chairs do tend to create a more relaxed atmosphere. It's common for counter-height tables to come with four chairs although many tables are large enough to accommodate at least six — and if you buy the additional chairs you need when you purchase the set you'll get them at the set discount price! Don't forget to check out the other pieces in the same collection when shopping for counter-height dining sets as you'll often get a discount on matching servers buffets and other pieces.

Dine Above It All

One of the great benefits of a counter-height dining set is that the table is often very comfortable to use while standing since it rests at a height that's about the same as your kitchen counters Read More

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