Butler Accent Chairs

As the name suggests accent chairs not only provide secondary seating in your room they are meant to complement the color tone and texture of wall paint and other larger furniture pieces. While a bright color or pattern might be too overwhelming for the sofa or wall coverings using it on an accent chair can add style and personality to your room. In a room decorated in black white and gray for example a bright red chair stands out and makes a dramatic statement. There are many different types of accent chairs available from club chairs to wing chairs to slipper chairs and each design brings a different look and feel to your room.

Put the Accent on Style

Accent chairs are a great way to add style to your room when the rest of your furniture is feeling a little stale Read More

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Felix Iron and Leather Accent Chair


On Sale$199.00
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Felix Medium Brown Accent Chair


On Sale$315.00
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Malcom Gray Accent Chair


On Sale$349.00
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Felix White Leather Accent Chair


On Sale$175.00
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Lillian Black Blanket Rack


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Milo Brown Leather Accent Chair


On Sale$855.00
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Milo Iron and Leather Accent Chair


On Sale$205.00
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Captiva Ivory And neutral Rattan Accent Chair


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Milo White Leather Accent Chair


On Sale$565.00
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Bone Inlay Black Accent Chair


On Sale$1199.00