Modern Living Room Sets

Give your home an updated look with one of the affordable Modern living room sets from Coleman Furniture. Modern furniture is known for its clean lines and unadorned features which can make your room look quite stylish. Buying furniture as a set is a great idea if you’re ready to update multiple pieces in your room as it helps to ensure that everything matches perfectly. In addition you’ll usually get an extra discount when you buy several matching items together. Modern living room furniture sets typically include a sofa and a loveseat although you may see some sofa and chair combinations Read More

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Cali Pearl Modular Sectional



Cali Slate Modular Sectional



Dorsten Slate Living Room Set



Charlie Tufted Leather Living room Set



Betrillo Black Living Room Set



Enderlin Ink Living Room Set



Darcy Blue Living Room Set



Nemoli Slate Living Room Set



Olin Chocolate Living Room Set


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