Lowest Prices. Incredible Service. Free Delivery.


  1. We do not get the merchandise back from customers. Our product information and low prices reduce customer returns.
  2. We directly import. We buy many products direct from our suppliers overseas factories by the container load and pass these savings to our customers.
  3. We sell in volume. We sell huge quantities, delivered and picked up from our warehouses.
  4. We hire great employees.
  5. We pay our bills. Manufactures give us better deals because we always pay our bills. We often pay in advance to get the best deal.
  6. We are a privately held company. No stock holders demanding high mark-ups and huge profits from us in order to get a big return on their investment. We are family owned and don’t need big profits and lots of money. We can sell as cheaply as we want to!
  7. We don’t offer free financing. Financing options are not free. We would have to raise our prices by approximately 10-15 percent to give customers 12 months of free financing. Finance companies will only allow 180 days of interest-free.
  8. We are more efficient and have better-operating systems.
  9. We use delivery agreements. Our customers sign the forms and accept responsibility for their furniture once delivery is completed.
  10. We do not sell showroom samples. This saves on duplicate handling costs and damaged merchandise.
  11. We run lean and mean. We do not have any Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, or corporate officers with huge salaries!
  12. Our owner is actively involved in every aspect of the business. There are no bureaucracies to slow down decision-making.
  13. We do not offer free professional decorating services. With other stores that do offer this service, you end up paying for it with higher prices on the furniture whether you use the services or not.
  14. We have our own advertising department. Our layout artists and video cameramen save us plenty.
  15. We offer better customer service. Our salespeople do not handle customer service issues. We have a full-time customer service staff trained to take care of updating our customer and getting them solutions.
  16. We enjoy great word-of-mouth advertising. Our satisfied customers do the advertising for us.
  17. We do not pick up bedding. It costs $15 to dispose of a mattress at a refuse center. If we picked up bedding, we’d have to add that cost to the merchandise.
  18. Our salespeople don’t use high-pressure sales tactics. This creates a welcome, relaxed shopping environment for our customers.
  19. We recycle large amounts of cardboard and paper. This improves profitability plus helps the environment.
  20. We make calculated customer care calls before orders are processed to avoid lengthy back-orders and customer cancellations.