Butler Dining Room Chairs

Choosing a new set of chairs can give a fresh look to your dining room whether you’re trying to spice things up or just want to update a traditional recipe. Mealtimes can be a fun relaxing experience with family and friends gathered around the table sharing food and stories about the day. A comfortable dining room chair will go a long way to helping everyone feel at home. You can add character to the room by dressing up a plain table with more decorative dining chairs or make the room a bit less formal by adding simple cushioned chairs Read More

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Urban Brown Woven Leather Chair



Inland Black Leather Side Chair


On Sale$349.00

Coriander Iron & Side Chair



Inland White And Black Leather Side Chair


On Sale$349.00

Inland White Leather Side Chair


On Sale$365.00

Riggins Iron & Leather Side Chair



Garcon Industrial Chic Metalworks Side Chair


On Sale$445.00

Inland Light Brown Leather Side Chair



Patty Brown Leather Side Chair



Inland Brown Leather Side Chair



Orson Brown Leather Side Chair



Maverick Iron & Side Chair