Create a feeling of visual delight in your home with a beautiful chandelier! Once found only in the wealthiest of houses modern chandelier lights can still give any room a feeling of taste and sophistication. Crafted in elegant designs using materials such as wood metal glass and fabric our chandelier collection includes a range of "must buy" styles for those who want to enhance the look of their home. Hang one in your home's foyer to charm visitors delight your dinner guests with a chandelier lamp over the table or give your business an added sense of refinement by installing one in your waiting area Read More

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Maine 32.4" Vintage Gold 6 Light Chandelier


Memorial Day Sale$179.00

Jade Beaded Chandelier


Memorial Day Sale$369.00

Effie Black Rattan Chandelier


Memorial Day Sale$284.00

Joris Oil Rubbed Bronze 6 Light Chandelier


Memorial Day Sale$239.00

Allendale Aged Old Bronze 9 Light Chandelier


Memorial Day Sale$2445.00

Ikon Brass Iron And Smoke Grey Glass Orb Chandelier


Memorial Day Sale$569.00

Mia 4 Light Gold Cage Chandelier


Memorial Day Sale$661.00

Ellie Gray Medium Chandelier



Howell Aged Brass 12 Light Chandelier


Memorial Day Sale$1395.00

Crossover Clear Led Large Chandelier



Sausalito Deep Bronze 4 Light Medium Chandelier


Memorial Day Sale$629.00

Epic Forged Iron 8 Light Large Chandelier


Memorial Day Sale$1505.00

Autumn White 13 Light Chandelier



Pendant Gold 14 Light Chandelier



Derince Gray Small Chandelier